Ellen: Shutterfly Gives Tim and Jill $40,000 & Australian Vacation


Ellen: Kick In the Kindness Week

It’s day three of random act of kindness week. Ellen does nice things for people all the time, but this week she’s taking it to a new level. With the help of Shutterfly, she’s given families money for rent, groceries and to thank their friends. Today was her biggest gift all week and it’s a tear jerker. Spoiler alert: get a tissue before you read on.

Ellen: Tim & Jill

Ellen: Shutterfly Gives Tim and Jill $40,000 & Australian Vacation

Ellen surprised Tim and Jill’s family on day three of Kick In the Kindness Week.


Tim knew he wanted to marry Jill the moment he met her. She was the only girl he ever dated! Jill loved the way Tim used to run around in his gym shorts. They are an adorable couple and have been married 40 years.

Jill found out 14 years ago that she had stage four breast cancer. The news came just after Tim had lost his job and 10 days after their insurance had run out. Jill said she felt so bad for Tim more than herself because cancer is much harder on the spouse. She wanted to do everything she could, but there was nothing she could do.

Jill beat her cancer and was in remission for 14 years. Last April she found a small lump. It was another form of cancer.


Ellen: Why Tim & Jill Love Ellen

Tim said he and Jill love Ellen because she makes everyday life funny. He said she makes him laugh and cry all in one day. He wrote in to Ellen to see if she could help him acknowledge what Jill does as a mom and wonderful woman.

Ellen: Tim & Jill’s Family

Tim and Jill have four kids and 12 grandkids. Her daughters said that Jill is their best friend. Whatever Jill wants to do, she does it. She wanted to beat cancer and she did. Their son said that Tim taught him how to be a good man. They said their dad never complains and always finds something to smile about. Their kids agreed that Tim and Jill are wonderful parents and truly in love.

The family lives all over the country and Ellen flew them all in to be there for the big announcement.

Ellen’s Surprise For Tim & Jill

Ellen told Swisse, Australia’s number one vitamin company, about Tim and Jill and the company is going to fly them to Australia for an all-expense paid vacation.

Then Shutterfly gave the family $1,000 to make photo books and prints from the vacation. And finally, Shutterfly gave the family $40,000 to help with medical expenses.

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