Ellen: Shutterfly #BeKind Week, Karma Salon & Velda Mortgage Gift


Ellen: Shutterfly Kick in the Kindness Week

After four days of great surprises for deserving audience members, Shutterfly Kick in the Kindness Week had to come to an end. But that meant there was still one more viewer to surprise: Velda from Karma Salon in Media, Pennsylvania.

Ellen: Velda Karma Salon

Ellen: Shutterfly #BeKind Week, Karma Salon & Velda Mortgage Gift

Ellen sent Jeanie to Karma Salon in Pennsylvania to surprise fan Velda with $50,000 from Shutterfly for #BeKind week to help her pay off her mortgage.


At Karma Salon in Media, Pennsylvania, Ellen surprised Velda, a woman who danced in Ellen’s audience at a November 2012 taping. “It was her first vacation in over 10 years,” Ellen said.

But there is more to Velda’s story. She lost her full time job and is caring for her aging father. Jeanie was on location for the big surprise. Ellen surprised Velda on Skype, and the entire salon went crazy.

Ellen: Velda Skype Surprise

Velda was wearing a shirt she got at the Ellen Shop when she visited the show. But she customized it herself by cutting a lower neckline. Velda said that Ellen and vodka are the two things that keep her going.


“I love you, Ellen. You make me drink and dance,” she said. Velda of course loves the show’s real life surprises, and how could you not? Naturally, Ellen had a surprise for Velda, and Jeanie came inside the salon to deliver the news.

Ellen: Shirtless Bartender

Velda’s first surprise was a shirtless bartender, even though Ellen intended for her to enjoy the vodka more than the man. Ellen promised the audience that she had an even bigger surprise for Velda coming up.

Ellen: Shutterfly #BeKind Mortgage Giveaway

At the end of the show, Ellen had something in store that would help Velda “freak her freak.” She thanked Shutterfly for partnering with the show to reward countless deserving viewers with a helping hand.

Back in Pennsylvania, Velda and the gang at Karma Salon were standing by, after having a few drinks. Velda had about $45,000 left on her mortgage and has taken in her own unemployed son as well as her ailing father.

Jeanie handed Velda a suitcase containing $50,000 to help her pay off her mortgage. Velda was overwhelmed and speechless. As a final gift, Ellen invited Velda to come back to the show as her guest on a future episode. That’s a feel-good way to kick off the weekend.



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