Ellen: Shutterfly #BeKind Week & Dennis Quaid Is Here Favorite Moment


Ellen: Shutterfly #BeKind Week & Dennis Quaid Is Here Favorite Moment

Shutterfly gave Ellen’s audience thousands this season and then donated $100,000 to the Humane Society of America in Ellen’s name.

Shutterfly Kindness: Ellen Season 10

This season, Ellen partnered with Shutterfly to make dreams come true and lives easier. She gave away $20,000 checks like they were Dove Hearts on Valentines Day. She gave money to families to rebuild their lives, money for college, and money for groceries.


Who could forget Velda? She came to Ellen’s live show and went home to her beauty salon with a big surprise. Ellen sent her team to share joy and $20,000 to help pay off Velda’s mortgage. Or the day that Ellen gave five kids raised by a single mom $10,000 each for college? The children were blown away and so thankful. Shutterfly loved helping families with Ellen and they want to help more in season 11.

Shutterfly donated $100,000 to the Humane Society of America, a cause very close to Ellen’s heart. Ellen said that this is why she hosts her show. To help families and make people smile.


Why Is Everyone Afraid of Love Vine Video

A Vine is only 6 seconds long and a wildly popular app. The first video was a guy sliding on the floor at Walmart. My favorite was John Mayer’s breakfast. The most crazy had to be a dog eating like a human. And who doesn’t love the “Why is everyone afraid of love?”  

Teen Girl Burns Hair on Curling Iron Video

Ellen’s favorite web videos of the past year included the female arm wrestlers, has anyone autotuned this yet? Also an interview from South Africa was going so well, until the chair just broke. I love Ellen’s video of the girl that burned her hair off with a curling iron.

 Dennis Quaid is Here! Fan Favorite Moment

The first person to wear an ear piece on Ellen was Dennis Quaid. He had to say whatever Ellen told him to say while at a Starbucks.

Dennis Quaid wanted a coffee and made the Starbucks barista singalong with him. It was voted the number one favorite moment in all of Ellen’s 10 seasons.


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