Ellen Shopping Spree Katie Gets Ten Minutes to Shop, Check for $10,000


Ellen: JC Penney Portraits & Ellen Shopping Spree

Ellen Shopping Spree Katie Gets Ten Minutes to Shop, Check for $10,000

Ellen sends a single mother of three on an Ellen shopping spree. JC Penney also gives her free portraits for a year & $10,000.

Ellen said a woman recently wrote into her saying she is a single mother of three and she is a huge fan of the Ellen show. So Ellen sent the woman to meet Jeanie at a JC Penney portrait studio to get some family portraits of the mother, Katie, and her three children.


But we all know Ellen is not just going to give this mother a few pictures.

Ellen: Single Mother of Three Shopping Spree

Ellen sent her to the mall and told Katie and her three children they had 10 minutes to get whatever they could in the store and Ellen would foot the bill. And if it was too big to fit in the shopping cart, Ellen gave her a bunch of stickers to slap on whatever she wanted.

But it took Ellen a while to get this all out to Katie, because Katie could not believe Ellen was talking to her on the phone. She even lost one of her kids for a second during the hectic phone call.


Ellen told her after she was done with the 10 minute shopping spree, to head back to the studio to meet Ellen in person and show the viewers everything they got at the store.

Ellen Shopping Spree for Needy Single Mom

Katie came back on the set with five shopping carts full of merchandise. She also introduced her children, Bella, Hannah and Andrew, to Ellen. She continued to tell Ellen she lives on about $30 each week, living paycheck to paycheck. She said she is able to do it because she has to do it. She does it for her children.

Well Ellen wanted to help her out. So she told Katie JC Penney is going to be giving her free portraits all year long and they also gave her a check for $10,000.



  1. amanda morgeson says

    Funny I don’t know how many people can live on thirty dollars a week and afford acrylic nails that cost more than that. This lady is struggling like everyone else, but poor? Let’s not use that term to loosely!

  2. Rita Hill says

    Poor Katie! Next time she steals someone’s husband, she should try for someone with more money than my chump of a son-in-law who has six kids of his own to support. $30 a week? Please. Ellen is such a good person. I know she helps so many people who really deserve it.

  3. Lina says

    Nice. this is the woman who pretended to be my sister’s friend and had an affair with my sister’s husband for 3 years (still ongoing). My sister has SIX kids btw. And she’s about to be a single mom because of this Katie woman and her jackass husband. This pisses me off big time. Guess $10,000 is the reward for being a backstabber these days.

  4. Heather says

    Ellen, I thought you were smarter than this! Do they do background checks on these people?? This is a scam! This girl has old men buying her things because she lets them touch her, pretty sure those kind make more than $30 a week!!

    Katie is sleeping with an attorney which is why she is a single mom in the first place!!!

    Maybe they should give the 10K to the wife left at home with six small children because Katie stole her husband.

    Oh well, maybe she’ll get some more plastic surgery with the 10K, I’m sure there is something left untouched, right????

  5. I don't like chicken fingers says

    Ellen, you were had by an expert. But you’re not the first woman she’s deceived. She wrecked the home of six beautiful children and their wonderful, loving mother–who was Katie’s loyal friend. That woman she betrayed, she’s the one to watch. She’s strong, resilient, lovely, and she’s moving on with the confidence that life has better things to offer her. That woman. She’s the inspiration. She is the interesting one. She is the one who overcomes.

  6. Lorie says

    Maybe she’ll share the $10,000 with Michael so he’ll pay his freaking child support! I totally agree with “I don’t like chicken fingers.” His wife is the one who deserves recognition. She has been through hell with her husband and that woman. She trusted her and confided in her. She’s raising his kids and homeschooling them. She is a beautiful person inside and out. SHE deserves the special treatment.

  7. Kelly Warner says

    Oh no. Ellen – you are awesome, but you have really got to screen the people you help. This woman is NOT who she says she is. She has put so many people through awful times. This literally makes me want to cry to see Katie rewarded for all the horrible things she’s done. I certainly hope her beautiful children DON’T grow up to be like her, believe me – she is not the example you want those sweet babies to follow. And this is also insulting to those of us who ARE single moms living in poverty [I am one of them – and I promise you I have NEVER had money for acrylic nails 🙁 She’s living on $30 a week? No, she’s not. ]. There is just so much about this that makes me sad. Ellen – you are such a GOOD person, I love that you are so generous and kind and such a positive force in this world, but I really hope that moving forward you will get the back story on the people you help. Sometimes people are in the situation they are in because they made terrible choices and put themselves there. And sometimes they are just lying straight through their teeth.

  8. Tiffany says

    I pray that Ellen will act on this… This is terrible! The wonderful single mother to 6 is the one deserving of blessings such as this. Losing her husband to this Katie, her friend, days before their beautiful daughter is born, then losing her amazing brother 3 months later. She is the most resilient, beautiful, loving woman. She has blessed my life and the lives of many others. Katie is a fraud!

  9. Holly says

    Dear Ellen,

    I appreciate your generosity. It is laudable and touching to see a person who is so blessed to share with others.

    However, the woman you helped in this instance is not the person she is pretending to be. She not only has more money than she claims, but she also is sleeping with a married attorney who buys her things. With all due respect, could you not have found someone else who really needed the money? Who really is struggling on her own to provide for her children? Who really is lonely? This woman is neither poor nor lonely.

    I’m saddened that your resources could have helped someone in need instead of what it did in this case, and that is: further justified this woman’s lies and manipulations. If she continues to lie and play the lonely single mother, she will only be rewarded. What a sad conclusion for those of us who live an honest life.

    Thank you for your time,


  10. jessi says

    ..not only a slap in the face to the woman this lying woman betrayed and stole her husband…but to TONS of single mothers who actually are struggling in this economy…I mean to the point they can’t afford fake nails. I hope in that shopping spree she at least got some shorts that would be appropriate to wear shopping with your children…

  11. Cyndi says

    Ellen has a great program, but this one was disgusting to watch. Katie was clearly putting on a show for the camera. Her kids were completely unfazed, as if they’ve been through this shenanigans before. Wake up, Ellen. It is impossible to live on $30 a week, unless Katie means that the $30 is her extra spending money. I’m a single mom too, living on less than $30 a week in extra spending money, and I would love to have a check for $10,000. Portraits would be great too.

    Oh, unlike Katie, I strive to model good, moral behavior for my children. Married men, no way. I certainly wouldn’t do the sorts of things she has done.

    And, lastly, I wonder how JCPenney would feel, knowing to whom their $10,000 is supporting. I know a lot of people – and organizations – that could do much good with that kind of financial support.

  12. Joy says

    Thank you Ellen for trying to make a difference! Sadly, it was wasted on this woman! You are Katie’s latest victim. She is the biggest con I have ever met. I could on and on but I will just say the other comments are correct. I am confident you will make this right!


  13. Betty says

    I hope Ellen will get the chance to read all of these comments. I am HUGE Ellen fan and this will not sway my love for her show, but I really wish she and the producers looked into this fraud before helping her. I know so many outstanding Moms that are faithful, loyal, hardworking people who could really use a gift like this. My heart goes out to Katie’s boyfriends WIFE AND 6 KIDS! My husband and I work as hard as we can for our family to provide food and shelter. Katie having fake nails, boobs and a tummy tuck is sooo far from our level of poor. I am not jealous because I would rather work for what I have and love from the heart than to lie, cheat and sleep my way to the store! And shame on you Katie for pulling one over on the Ellen show 🙁

  14. Alyvia says

    Alright, i found out of this through my mother, becuase they met through a mutual friend. Katie ruined a wonderful family and back-stabbed a friend. Katie is silicone all the way down to her breasts, probably paid for by her sugar daddy. It is an awful thing she did to Ellen and the the home she wrecked. Katie does not know poor like my family. I’m 14 and even i am absolutly disgusted to watch this. I’m sorry for the poor family she ruined, her children, and Ellen , but i have no symathy for Katie.

  15. Nichole Black says

    I am so sickened by Katie Burns, she took off to California on her sons birthday without the father even knowing where his son was on his birthday. She lied about 30 dollars a week! She made the choice to be on her own when she slept with her best friends husband for the last three years. She broke up two families. Her own, with the husband that had been faithful for fifteen years and her friends marriage of fifteen years! What a con! Ellen you were had and should have your show do a double check on your guest. How could she have no money with, fake breast, fake nails, fake tan, and her hair done? Well she was wearing little clothing, so maybe she needs clothes? This story makes me want to puke. The one who really should get 10,000 is the ex friend that is home schooling her six kids!Oh better yet, nobody asked about the father, he is giving her more than half his paycheck and believe me, he is the one with 30 dollars a week! What a con artist Katie is…and the children, let’s hope they don’t turn out like her.

  16. Nichole Black says

    Oh I forgot to mention, she was on Family Feud a couple of weeks before this, gross, gross! Fake fake and a liar!

  17. Kris says

    I wish I could upload a pic instead of just a comment. I would show you 6 beautiful children of a recently singled mom whose lives were turned completely upside down by Katie Burns. It’s a perfect picture taken by a loving mom of smiling faces all dressed up at the communion of their newest baby sister, who had arrived only 3 days after her husband said he wanted a divorce. 3 weeks later, their mom found out about the affair. I should mention that Katie was the first person she texted after finding out her husband no longer loved her, sorting through her confusion with one of her closest friends. She had no clue that it was Katie. Not just adultery, but betrayal of the worst kind. She had tried to help someone she thought was her friend, both financially and emotionally. She allowed her children to become close friends with Katie’s children. That’s because she trusted her. Pretty much like you did, Ellen. I guess you don’t con at this level without being REALLY good at it. I’m not ignoring or excusing the actions of my friend’s husband. But Katie continued to pretend to be a friend throughout the entire course of the affair, accepting any help she could get and playing the role of the needy, hurting friend, while at the same time seducing money and “consolation” from her advocate’s husband. My friend and her 6 beautiful children are struggling financially, but way more than your money, she could really use your respect.

  18. Burns Kids Dad says

    As the father of those three kids in the video I am appalled, although not surprised that Katie would pull such a stunt. Yes Nichole… Katie was just on Family Feud and won over $20K a few weeks ago. I have been paying Katie 1/3 of my take home pay monthly since our separation. I assure you it is more than enough to pay full rent and utilities. She also has a decent job and receives financial support from her wealthy grandmother and the federal government. If I had an additional $30/week to spend I would pay for lessons to learn how to be a better actor/actress. As a matter of fact I think I will write a script on all that’s happened, submit it to lifetime, and ask Katie if she wants to star in the movie. Is it the pity or attention that she wants?

  19. Megan says

    How dare any of you ATTACK my sister, Katie. NONE of you have any idea of what my sister has been through. AND FOR YOU DANIEL AND CHEYENNE to get on here and attack her, and like you do EVERY DAY OF HER LIFE SENDING HER horrible texts, HOW DARE YOU. Daniel, you call her a who slept with a married man? My sister met you at age 16 and divorced you at age 31. YOU were the ONLY man she has ever slept with in her entire life. You LEFT HER recently while still married to go be with another woman who has two kids from two different fathers. YOU let your three wonderful children see you sleep in the same bed with this woman. I was there with my sister Katie when she received the call that you told her you slept with this woman. I held my sister for two days straight while she cried in tears. You destroyed her. I am so ashamed of you. You were like a brother to me. You walked away from GOD and going to church. HOW DARE you come on HERE AND TALK ABOUT MY PARENTS DAUGHTER IN THIS WAY when my family has GIVEN YOU EVERYTHING. MY SISTER IS THE ONE WHO HELPED YOU GRADUATE SCHOOL!! SHE DID YOUR SCHOOLWORK!!! My sister is a single mother with THREE kids , who gets NO help with child support. And for you AMY and all your friends, and to think you are women of GOD? “Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.” “Do not judge, or you too will be judged.” You women should be aware of these verses since you claim you are so Godly. Shame on all of you for being so immature and disgusting. NONE of you have any idea of what my sister has been through. NONE OF YOU. LEAVE MY SISTER ALONE DANIEL,CHEYENNE,AMY, AND ALL HER FRIENDS and GO TO CHURCH!!!!!! AND NO SHE DIDNT WIN 20,000 dollars on family feud. That was split among 5 people with taxes taken out. My sister uses what little shes gets to use it on her education that she is going back to school to get, her old car that is broken down many times, her old furniture, etc. THis is the mother of your children and look how you are treating her and have treated her. I am not agreeing with my sister for something she has done, but she was at such a horrible time in her life. I am so disgusted how people could come on here and talk so awful. I am 22 years old and would never speak like some of you who I am sure are double my age. Daniel, step up and go back to God, and step up as a father and a co parent. AND STOP BRINGING MY PARENTS IN THIS. THEY DON’t WANT IT and think this is disgusting what you all are doing to her. No one knows the pain my sister has been in. She was brought to Maryland when you were in the service with a new born , and couldn’t even walk out of the house because she was in such a bad part of town. She had horrible problems with the birth of her children and had horrible problems with her surgeries from it and you know all of this Daniel. What happened to you? I can tell you are so unhappy. And i feel so sorry for you. And my father, and my grandmother send my sister a little money here and there to help her out because she is driving a piece of crap that you left her. ANd it is none of your business what my family members do for her. Shame on all of you. Daniel, you should really try to get your life back because you are headed down such a wrong path. I went to the mall with my sister not too long ago, and she had trouble affording Chick fil a for her and her 3 children. She was using dimes to pay for it. She has to work a job while being a single mom of three. She is now going to school to get her degree. I am so proud of her for doing so. She is turning her life around from the hurt and pain she has had throughout her life.

  20. Burns Kids Dad says

    It’s sad to see that she has so many people fooled. Mainly her family who have always turned the blind eye to her unbenelovent-like behavior. You really need to obtain factual information before posting on a public web page… MEGAN. I think it’s called slandering which is punishable under law. Everything that has been posted thus far is factual and can be proven!

    • Megan says

      so is everything i said Daniel. I wrote you an email, and I hope you have time to read it. Very saddened by this. And look at everything you guys are posting. it is disgusting. How is telling the world she won 20,000 dollars factual? That is slandering. I can pull so many things out of this that are false, and there are so many more things I could have said Daniel, things that I know, but I would never do that to hurt someone. That is why I don’t see how you as a man, could talk this way about someone.

  21. Megan says

    And no need to reply because I won’t be posting on here anymore because it’s such a joke and immature. And to think you all are Christians? Shame on you.

  22. Jennifer says

    Bless your heart little Megan. It’s so sweet of you to take up for your sister. Katie always said you were young and naive. Perhaps some years and life experience would give you a different perspective. It is a sad situation, and I’m sure it is hard to see your sister making the poor choices she has made. She has destroyed two families with her behavior. She is NOT a needy single mom. Ask her about the money her grandmother sent her for summer camp for the kids that she spent on plastics surgery and clothes from White House Black Market. The people here are good people. No one likes to see injustice, and it is an injustice for Katie to be rewarded with a shopping spree and money. Her actions are deplorable. That’s why people are speaking out.

  23. I don't like chicken fingers says

    You’re right Megan, someone took your her husband, so she had every right to go out and take someone else’s. It was probably easier just to take the one her good friend had.

  24. Maggie says

    Ellen, the woman, Katie, you rewarded is living a life of lies. Even her body is all fake! She has money that she gets from the married attorney she’s been sleeping with for years! She has put a family through torment, and left a mother to raise six-children alone. Ellen, you said she is a good example to her kids. I hope and pray her children with not turn out like her. She doesn’t need any money, since she barely wears any clothes, pays for acrylic nails, fake breast, fake tan, plays tennis weekly. She is not in need. Katie betrayed a friend and destroys a beautiful family of six-chidren! Check your sources better before you give gifts like this. The family she ruined is in much more need than Katie.

  25. Get a Life! says

    Wow! It looks to me that there are a lot of people on here that need a life, a job, hobby, something to do with their time???? Something, anything to do other than ramble on about their obvious jealousy of this woman that was given a nice gift from Ellen……

  26. Nichole Black says

    Just was it says,”GET A LIFE.”Please take that advise. Jealous? What on how to be a lying, cheating, and a con artist? I will just ask you Katie if I every decide that will become my career, I would like to learn from the professional! How can any person be jealous of someone that cheats on their husband with their best friends husband, and with your new boyfriend calling you horse face lol be jealous? You don’t care about that because you are using him as well just like everyone else that has crossed your path, and Ellen had been your latest victim. Not to mention using your children to have a poor pitiful me story, telling your ex husband you need summer camp money for the kids, and then using the money to suck the fat out of your legs to put in your fake breast so no one can see the ripples on the sides! Blahaha You need to talk with your LITTLE sister about putting people names on here because she will have a law suit on her quicker than she can say, OH CRAP!

  27. Johanna Lawson says

    My name is Johanna Lawson I am katies younger sister. To begin with my sister is amazing she got me through my troubles with addiction and all the pain I have from my childhood years. To begin with Daniel you disgust me my sisters life would have been so much better if you were never in it. She was always better than you and you knew it. You turned her from a beautiful young woman into a sad insecure person. In college you were not supposed to live in that apartment but of course you took advantage of my fathers money like a bum, and then lets not forget your addiction to internet videos you perv that racked up a four hundrand dollar bill. But lets not forget the time you gave my sister a black eye tied her up and locked her in the closet. You never took care of those kids no one could ever get you off the couch to do anything. As much as my parents have helped you financially you should be ashamed. My sister does everything for those kids you are not a good father or a good person and for your trashy girlfriend to make those comments at andrews baseball game both of you have no class and are just jealous. I do not agree with my sisters actions with micheal at all but Michael is the one who took advantage of her he was the aggressive one and my sister fell for it because of her insecurities. Amy for you to be such a church going person and your friends your comments are so redneck and trashy I feel bad for you but you married a bad guy he would have cheated with anyone but your making yourself look stupid on here and depearate and crazy, and for your friends GET A LIFE!! When it comes down to it my sister is beautiful I have seen pictures of you guys and none of you guys are attractive you are just jealous and need to mind your own business. Thankyou Ellen for helping my sister

    • are you crazy or is this your sister? says

      It is truly amazing to see you all come on here to defend your sisters actions and disclose such personal things about her ex-husband. This will never change the fact that sitting long face is a terrible person who has done a unforgivable thing. I believe the affair had been ongoing for several years prior to it coming out from the dark. UM?, guess he did not leave your sister and she was certainly sleeping with someone other than her husband prior to the divorce. and that sounds so democratic (LEFT) of you; it was his fault for praying on her. Guess she forgot that the woman married to this nasty hairy ape was her best friend here; and provided shelter, food, support, and love; and all along she was seeing her husband. Ah, but what does that matter, sitting long face, aka horse face is beautiful, don’t flatter yourself she is not that pretty, and most of the woman posting are much more beautiful just due to the fact that they could never do to another what your sister ” The Angle Victim” has done. But much worse she has done this without regret, she had a chance to end it but is still with him till this very day. It kills me, for you to say others are jealous of her looks, believe me she is no supermodel, But she is very desperate for attention and I guess money can alter some of your exterior look but certainly can’t make you pretty on the inside. Jealousy has no part in!!!! this Please with the Christian comments; this is the same individual whom attended bible study with these girls and with the very girl she betrayed. So, yes, Let’s throw stones. One more thing, disgusting yun ha!

  28. Jim says

    I don’t know any of these people, but from reading the comments by Katie’s sisters, sounds like the apple doesn’t fall far from the crazy tree. What a family. Affairs, drugs, extortion… Guys you might want to stay out of the public eye (national tv, Internet) instead of exposing your trash to the world. FYI Ellen- white trash and needy are too completely different things. Sounds like this chick is the first, not the latter.

  29. LuAnn Demm says

    I am quite sure Katie, Megan and Johanna must have very proud parents. You talk about religion like you understand it. First of all, there is nothing in the bible about adultery being acceptable. Katie committed adultery for a couple of years with her best friends husband. I suppose you think Daniel should just accept this as okay in the marriage. Second, Daniel sends Katie a check for $1300.00 every month. Wish I had had that when I was raising 3 kids by myself. Get over it, all 3 of you ladies. That is life. I will tell you that Katie lied on national tv. If the Ellen Degeneres show doesn’t know about it, they will!!! There are alot of women out there in a worse boat. Grow up and act like adults. I would be ashamed of yourselves for using God the way you have, to try to get sympathy. God sees all and he does take care of these things. Maybe Katie is paying the price now for her adultery and other lies. I am an adult that IS REALLY a born again Christian. I will pray for you 3 sisters, you are gonna need it!!!

  30. Paulding County Rednecks says

    Man when I moved out to powder springs in the 80’s Paulding county was a dump full of white trash..My how things don’t change. This Katie, she’s a catch, as long as she doesn’t get married she can have as much fun as she wants. I can see her now struttin around Kohls in those new JC penny capri pants. Man! I’ll meet her for a budweiser at Stars n Strikes any damn day. Get ‘er done

      • Jenn says

        People still go on about this. Get a life!! Yep she’s happily married and takes damn good care of all those kids who all want to love with her and the youngest refuse to go to their moms.

  31. Jenn says

    I can not believe people still comment on this. Get a life!! Yes my sister is happily married and takes damn good care of all those kids who all want to live with her. Funny a couple of them refuse to even go to their real moms home.

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