Ellen: Scott Caan Vs Pauly D Twister Hoopla Review


Ellen: Scott Caan Vs Pauly D Twister Hoopla

Everyone probably remembers the classic childhood game of Twister. Lately, game manufacturers have been looking for ways to update their brands and games with new twists, rules, and features. That’s how we got all kinds of new twists on modern games, like Twister Hoopla.

Twister Hoopla is a real game you can play at home, but Ellen DeGeneres has a special gigantic version for her TV show. Today, she challenged guest DJ Pauly D and actor Scott Caan to team up with audience members for this popular game.


Ellen: Twister Hoopla

Ellen led her guests in a game of Twister Hoopla, which takes the classic game to new dimensions.

Ellen: Twister Hoopla Competition

Ellen invited audience members Analise and Alexis to partner with the celebrity guests in the wild game. She explained that she’d be spinning the game’s giant spinner. For example, if it landed on Green Head To Head, teammates would have to put a green ring between them, holding it in place with their heads.

It would have to remain in place as they got their next instructions from Ellen. This game takes classic Twister and brings it up off the floor.


“Both of us want to avoid head to head, I think,” Scott Caan said, referring to his and Pauly D’s well-coiffed hairstyles.

Ellen: Pauly D Vs Scott Caan Twister Hoopla

The first ring was Blue Hand To Back, which was no problem as the game got started. Next was Blue Hip To Hand, which the gentlemen seemed to really enjoy.

Nose To Thumb Green came up next, confusing all players. Consider how ridiculous a world it is when Scott Caan and Pauly D are playing Twister together. I’d be confused too.

Ellen spun the spinner and it landed on Green Ear To Shoulder. Since the players had to keep all the existing rings in place, the game really started to get complicated at this point.

Ellen: Specialized Vita Bicycle

“We got trouble,” Scott Caan announced as Ellen landed on Red Ear To Elbow, which required him to contort into a very unnatural position. Finally, Ellen spun the dreaded Green Head To Head, which seemed much more difficult for Scott Caan and his partner than for Pauly D and his teammate.

Pauly D and his partner won the game, but both audience members received a Specialized Vita Bike. Ellen also talked about Specialized Bikes during her Earth Day show.


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