Ellen: Science Guy Steve Spangler Corn Starch Monsters & Alka Seltzer


Ellen Science Guy: Corn Starch Monsters

Ellen: Science Guy Steve Spangler Corn Starch Monsters & Alka Seltzer

Science guy Steve Spangler exploded 3,000 film canisters.

Ellen’s science guy Steve Spangler comes with a warning: don’t try this at home. He wants to show kids how awesome science can be, so he brought two experiments he has been working on.


He brought Ellen a really cool science experiment called Corn Starch Monsters. A corn starch mixture is a liquid when you touch it, but a solid when you punch it. Spangler put a large speaker on blast so that it started to vibrate. He placed a metal plate on the top of it and poured the corn starch on top. When he moved the corn starch around it made it jump and dance. Voila, Corn Starch Monsters!

Ellen & Steve Spangler: Raining Film Canisters

For this experiment, Ellen put on a hooded poncho and safety goggles. The cameras were covered and Tony the DJ had an umbrella. Some serious science was about to happen.

When you put alka seltzer tabs in water you get a reaction and release of carbon dioxide. Spangler took that idea and multiplied it by 3,000. He loaded 3,000 film canisters with a little bit of water and glued a seltzer tab to the top. The canisters then exploded and flew into the air. It was an amazing reaction.


“I will never do that again in my life,” Spangler said. “But I love that.”

Ellen: Australian Twitter Challenge

Ellen sent out a tweet challenging her Australian fans to come in creative underwear to a taping of Ellen. The top contenders wore boxer bow ties and built an Ellen underwear plane. The next round involved creating a rap about Ellen and the winners would get tickets to visit Ellen in L.A.

The winners were the Ellen plane and a duo that wrote an Ellen rap to “Thrift Shop” by Mackelmore.

Ellen: RIP Harriet Pearl

Ellen’s good friend and supporter Harriet Pearl died at 92. She first wrote to Ellen in the ’90s to express her support of Ellen coming out on her sitcom. They talked often. Harriet used to called the television station to complain when they would break in and interrupt Ellen. She was an English teacher and made a huge difference in her students’ lives.


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