Ellen: Mountain Dew Kick Start Review & Ellen Gives Law Student $20K


Ellen: Back Up Singers

Ellen likes to try new things. Her Dance Beat is receiving controversial reviews, so she’s bringing in a new idea. Ellen debuted her back up singers, Charlotte and Charlene. After all, Mumford has his sons.

“I’m Ellen. I can have whatever I want!”


They really drive the point home. If you say to someone, “It’s not you, it’s me.”

“But we all know it was you,” the ladies crooned.


Ellen: Mountain Dew Kick Start Review

Mountain Dew premiered a breakfast soda last week. It’s called Kick Start and it has five percent fruit juice. So now all you need is 20 of them a day and you don’t have to bother with apples. They’re calling Kick Start the most refreshing breakfast soda on the market. It’s currently the only breakfast soda on the market.

Ellen: Mountain Dew Kick Start Review & Ellen Gives Law Student $20K

Ellen talked about Mountain Dew Kick Start, the first breakfast soda of its kind.

Ellen decided it was a field she could really make some money in, so she invented Breakfast and Furious. It’s all sugar, so you’re sure to stay up all morning, afternoon and night.

Ellen: Australian Underwear Challenge

Ellen had her first underwear model contest this week, so she tweeted her fans in Melbourne, Australia to come to the Crown River Walk in a pair of creative underwear. They had to wear the underwear on the outside of their clothing.

The best of the crowd had to compete in a rapping contest for tickets to visit Ellen in L.A. The rapping contest will take place later in the show.

Ellen: Shutterfly $20,000 For Kind Law School Student

Dana’s friend Katherine wrote to Ellen last week about Dana’s kind mission in life. Dana is going to law school to work with at risk youth. She is maxed out on student loans, but she still buys SAT practice books for the kids she works with.

Ellen was really impressed with Dana. Dana was the first person in her family to go to college and her family really values education. She knew going into law school that it was going to be a lot of loans. Dana doesn’t want to work in a law firm; she is going to work with kids even if it pays nothing.

Shutterfly and Ellen gave Dana $20,000 to help her pay off her loans and pursue her dream career.


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