Ellen: Minneapolis Mom Christine Mother’s Day Giveaway Surprises


Ellen: Mother’s Day Preview

Each year, Ellen DeGeneres goes all out for her Mother’s Day Show. This year’s episode is set for May 11 2012. Ellen will have an entire studio audience of expectant mothers, which should be a perfect recipe for excitement.

She said the show has received more than 10,000 emails from expecting first-time moms, and she shared one of those letters with her audience.


Christine Sampiere in Minneapolis, Minnesota, has been married for two years and is getting ready for her first child. She feels she was meant to be a mother, but was sad to learn she has Endometriosis.

“When the doctor told me that my disease could cause infertility, I was very worried and confused. Fortunately, I had a successful surgery in July, and six months later we found out I’m pregnant,” Christine’s letter read in part.

Ellen: Mother's Day Giveaways

Ellen DeGeneres surprised an expectant mother with $8,000 of her Mother's Day Giveaways.


Ellen Surprises Christine On Skype

Since Christine couldn’t make it to LA for the Mother’s Day taping, Ellen wanted to do something special for her. Christine was expecting a Skype video call from an Ellen Show producer, but instead it would be Ellen on the line.

Christine freaked out immediately upon seeing Ellen’s face. She covered her face in her hands, and I was struck by how blue her life seems to be. There was a blue painting on the wall behind her. Christine also wore a blue headband, blue top, and bright blue nail polish.

Ellen Vs Nelle Baby Names

Ellen gave her permission to cry, asking for an update on the pregnancy and life in general.

“My second trimester has been awesome. The first was rough, but it’s been really good,” Christine said. “I have lots of energy.”

Christine admitted that one of her short listed baby names is Nelle, “because it’s Ellen backwards.” Ellen pushed for reversing it, but Christine rightly assumed “that was a little too creepy.”

Ellen suggested that she just go ahead and name the baby after her, so she can show the baby this Ellen clip as an explanation of the name’s origins.

Ellen: Christine’s Mother’s Day Surprise Giveaway

Ellen claimed she was calling to let Christine down, since she didn’t get tickets to the show. Last year’s Mother’s Day episode featured about $6,000 in prizes. This year, Ellen predicts the total value of the gifts will surpass $8,000.

She announced that Christine would win each of the baby gifts the moms in the studio audience would be receiving. That’s a great surprise. If you’d like to win the same gifts, you’ll have to catch Ellen’s show tomorrow and learn how to enter for your own chances to win.


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