Ellen: Mini-Friends Reunion Outtakes & Candy Crush Gaming Addiction


Ellen: Addicted to Candy Crush

Candy Crush combines the principles of Tetris with sugary treats. You can almost taste the orange and cherry flavors are you make matches. The game is extremely addictive.

Ellen: Mini-Friends Reunion Outtakes & Candy Crush Gaming Addiction

Ellen said her addiction to Candy Crush is just starting. She gave a family in need money from Viggle and Apple products for education.


Candy Crush is so addictive that you think you won’t get addicted. You start playing on your mobile device or Facebook, just to pass a few minutes, and then you get to the Lemonade Pond and try to help the crying dragon…you just want to save that dragon and master crushing candy in 60 moves or less. Trust me, you won’t be able to stop.

American Airlines Boarding Policies Change

American Airlines is trying a new boarding policy where passengers with smaller bags can get on the plane first. This is confusing, because you would think that passengers with bigger bags would go first.

Anyways, Ellen made a spoof of the announcement, showing the new seating order of passengers. Alec Baldwin has to wait for the first half of the plane to board and redheads are forced to board last.


Ellen DeGeneres: Mini-Friends Reunion & Jennifer Aniston Outtakes

Ellen and Jennifer Aniston’s Mini-Friends reunion was viewed almost 5 million times. She wants everyone to have a chance to see it, so she showed it again.

Jennifer Aniston walks up to Matthew Perry’s house and tries to get advice on hosting Ellen. She runs into Courtney Cox, who tries to call her Lisa Kudrow.

“That was so fun I can’t wait until the full Friends reunion, on my show, this November,” Ellen said. “Oh, I’ve said too much!”

Whether there really will be a Friends reunion, we may never know.

Inspiring Mom Viggle $20,000 Winner & Education With Apple Products

Ellen invited Tracy and her daughter Aria down to the audience. They checked in on Ellen’s Viggle page. Tracy’s daughter wrote in about her mom and said how much she inspires her. She said that Tracy lives paycheck to paycheck but always gives her what she needs.

Tracy said that watching Ellen inspires her and moves her to help others. Ellen said that’s what she aims to do, make people smile and feel good.

Ellen tricked Tracy and Aria. They thought they were just getting a basket of Ellen goodies, and Tracy’s daughter called the hat. That’s when they saw that the basket lifted up to reveal $20,000 from Viggle. Just for watching and checking in to Ellen’s show.

Aria is going to college soon and Ellen wanted to encourage her to continue her education. As a boost, Ellen provided Aria with tons of Apple products, including an iPhone, MacBook Pro and iPad.


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