Ellen: Marshmallow Game Spring Break Edition


Ellen: Spring Break

Ellen DeGeneres said that a lot of the audience is on Spring Break right now, which much be nice. Why don’t adults get Spring Break? We should look into this.

In keeping with the wild and crazy traditions of Spring Break, Ellen is reviving the Marshmallow Game for one day only.


Ellen: Marshmallow Game

After a week of hype, Ellen brought back the Marshmallow Game for her audience.

Ellen: Marshmallow Game Returns

It has been three years since the last time Ellen played the Marshmallow Game with her audience. She showed behind the scenes footage of the game’s return to the show and her staff testing out the game.

Today’s contestants were Raquel, Jodi, Katie, Kathy, Christine, and Dominique. This is going to be a lot of people to keep track of, but I guess that’s the way to do something you only bring back every three years.


Ellen: Marshmallow Game Hall of Fame

To help contestants understand how the game is played, Ellen shared video clips from Hallof Fame contestants. Basically, you are being restrained from behind by a giant rubber band. Your goal is to strain to eat the marshmallows dangling just out of reach without breaking the rubber band, while keeping your hands behind your back.

Ellen divided the contestants into two teams, and whichever team got the best cumulative time would be the winner. It turns out it’s not a rubber band, which is reassuring because that seemed dangerous. Instead it’s more of a harness, and that adds an element of difficulty because if you go too low, it will snap back and you lose time getting back into it.

So not only do you get exposed to other contestants’ snot, but there is also the hazard that if you’re the last person on your team, two other people have licked your marshmallow in an attempt to get at their own.

Ellen Marshmallow Game: Team 1 Results

Contestant 1 finally got her marshmallow after 52 seconds. The second contestant fared much better, getting hers in just 15 seconds (cumulative time 1:07). I’m sure there’s an advantage in watching others go first.

The last contestant on team 1 had a rough time and kept struggling with the elastic harness. Finally, producers called time after 40 seconds, giving team 1 a cumulative time of 1:46.

Ellen Marshmallow Game: Team 2 Results

The producers put 1:46 on the clock to count down and see if Team 2 could beat the time and win the game. The first contestant couldn’t get the hang of the rubber band harness, which is understandable since that’s not a normal thing to be experienced with.

After 62 seconds of struggle, Ellen had contestant 2 swap in and give it a try. She appeared confident in her technique, and came close a couple times before finally securing her marshmallow with 22 second to go.

Contestant 3 was on the ball, but her tongue gave her some trouble. Once again, I’d like to point out that people lick all the marshmallows. Time ran out before Team 2 could finish, making Team 1 the victors.

Ellen Marshmallow Game: 32” Samsung Television

For playing the Marshmallow Game, each of today’s contestants received a 32” Samsung Television.

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Ellen Dance Song: War “You Got the Power”

Today, Ellen and her audience got funky to the song “You Got the Power” by War.

Click here to download an MP3 of War’s “You Got the Power.”


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