Ellen: Marissa Painter Sterling Alaska Hawaiian Honeymoon Winner


Ellen: Guesstures Fake Out

Ellen DeGeneres invited audience members Marissa Painter and Sophia Duran to play Guesstures, and one of these ladies was about to get a huge surprise.

Sophia works for Ellen, so we won’t concern ourselves with her fake backstory.


But Marissa Painter is from Sterling, Alaska, where she works as a dental assistant and has a baby who’s turning one.

Ellen: Hawaiian Honeymoon

Ellen DeGeneres surprised lucky Alaskan viewers with a Hawaiian honeymoon.

Ellen explained that Guesstures is like charades, and you have to get your partner to guess words. Sophia went first, guessing the words Monkey, Jackhammer, Toothbrush, and Exercise, probably because they fed her the answers.


Ellen: Marissa Painter Guesstures

I wonder at what point Marissa started to put things together. She had to get Ellen to guess the words Cold, Alaska, Surprise, and a picture of her baby.

Getting free stuff from Ellen can never be a total surprise, because most of the people who are surprised wrote Ellen a letter in the first place.

Ellen: Marissa Painter Sterling Alaska

Haley is Marissa’s baby’s name. Ellen talked to Marissa about her letter, and her hometown of Sterling, Alaska, population 600.

Ellen said that small town life can be nice. Marissa’s husband Steven is often away for weeks, working for an oil company. He’s about to return after a month away.

Marissa said that it’s a warm 25 degrees Fahrenheit right now at home, though they got down to -30 this winter, thanks to the wind chill.

Marissa’s husband works in conditions of up to -70, which has got to be insane. There are only so many layers you can put on.

Ellen: Marissa Painter Hawaiian Honeymoon Surprise

Ellen explained that Marissa is a huge fan of the show; I guess as a fan you think that getting to attend a taping is a great surprise to begin with. But since it’s so cold at home for Marissa and her family, Ellen wanted to give her and her husband the honeymoon they never got, in a warm tropical location.

Ellen is sending them to the Four Seasons on Hawaii’s Lanai island. It’s five nights in an oceanfront room, and the prize package included couples massages and more.

That’s one way to beat the winter weather.


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