Ellen: Lisa Jarmon Texas Mom Home Construction Update


Ellen: Single Mom Lisa Jarmon

Lisa Jarmon was literally picked out of Ellen’s audience and has become a phenomenon on the show ever since. Ellen DeGeneres loves to surprise Lisa, and she’s had her back on the show several times, giving her gifts and presents including all of last year’s 12 Days of Giveaways.

In February 2012, Ellen gave Lisa the ultimate surprise: a brand new house from KB Home. But the added bonus was that Lisa would get to help the company design and plan her new house.


Back then, Ellen promised that Lisa’s home would be move-in ready by May, which is coincidentally the end of Ellen’s TV season. Today, Lisa Jarmon returned to Ellen’s show to give an update on how construction is going.

Ellen: Lisa Jarmon Construction Update

Ellen DeGeneres got a construction update from audience favorite & future homeowner Lisa Jarmon.

Ellen: Lisa Jarmon Construction Tour

A time lapse video from the construction site showed that a lot of progress has been made. Lisa got to go inside and see the frame and bare walls, since the construction is in progress. The house features double paned windows and special insulation to keep the whole house energy efficient.


You know Lisa is excited about her laundry room, which she learned is also going to include a TV. It’s always nice to have something to watch while you’re folding clothes. Apparently they are putting a lot of TVs in Lisa’s house, so she can watch Ellen in almost every room of the house. They’re also building in surround sound.

As for Lisa’s bedroom, it looks like it will be quite the sanctuary, with plenty of windows and personal space. Lisa danced her way through the house in progress. This was her final chance to get a sneak peek at the house before construction is completed. It looks like KB Home is going to deliver on Ellen’s promise of getting the home built by May.

Ellen: Lisa Jarmon Update

Ellen brought Lisa onstage to chat with her about the exciting developments with her home construction. She was excited to make the walk from backstage, “like a celebrity.” Her biggest hindrance to being a TV personality in her own right is that she can never seem to stop crying.

Apparently Lisa and I have about the same level of patience, because she’s driving by the house every day to check in on the progress. Ellen told her she has to knock that off or she’ll ruin the surprises.

“They see you. They’re like, ‘Lisa’s driving by the house,’” Ellen said, insisting that she stop interfering with the surprises. Ellen confirmed that construction is on schedule, and plans to reveal Lisa’s new home on the show this May.

It’s going to be Christmas in May for Lisa, who is overwhelmed at the prospect of owning her own home. “Your bedroom looks amazing,” Ellen revealed, saying once again that she is drawn to Lisa’s spirit.

How amazing to think that this all came about because she was in the audience one day. Lisa Jarmon said she and her friends talk about it all the time. “We do recaps,” she said. I better watch my back so Lisa doesn’t try to swipe my gig.


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