Ellen: Lenny Kravitz & Billion Dollar Wheel of Riches


Ellen: Billion Dollar Wheel of Riches

Ellen DeGeneres invited The Hunger Games star Lenny Kravitz to help her play the biggest game in daytime, the “1000% not rigged Billion Dollar Wheel of Riches.”

The first audience contestant was Tammy, who told Ellen she has not won a billion dollars before. She gave Ellen’s big wheel a spin, but came up short of the $1 billion prize, landing on $1.


“I can give you the dollar now, or we can do 26 payments, four cents at a time, over the course of a few years,” Ellen said.

Tammy had the option of keeping the dollar or giving it back to spin the wheel again.

Ellen: Billion Dollar Wheel of Riches

Ellen offered audience members a shot at riches with her Billion Dollar Wheel of Riches. (Image Credit: Cindy Hughes / Shutterstock.com)


Ellen: Billion Dollar Giveaway

Tammy spun the wheel a second time, nearly landing on the top prize, but the wheel settled on something called Lay It On Me.

This meant that Tammy had to share a kiss with actor and musician Lenny Kravitz. And Ellen even let her keep the $1.

Ellen: Karen Billion Dollar Prize

Next up at the wheel was Karen, who was excited to be part of the festivities. Instead of $1 billion, she landed on the task of Instant Pop Star.

She was asked to sing “Firework” by Katy Perry, complete with a blue wig. For an on the spot karaoke performance, Karen was not bad.

Sarah: Ellen Billion Dollar Contestant

Sarah was next up at Ellen’s rigged wheel. She landed on This or That, which Ellen said was great. She had a choice of a prize hidden under the word This or the word That.

Ellen talked her into choosing the prize under the word This, which was Kiss Upon a Star. Lenny realized along with the audience that the game is definitely rigged and was basically a kissing booth for his benefit.

To be fair, Ellen also gave her the prize under the word That, which was two tickets to the premiere Lenny’s new movie, The Hunger Games.

Ellen also gave each of the contestants $200 JC Penney gift cards.

Ellen: Sarah Song Hunger Games

Ellen asked Sarah to be her correspondent at The Hunger Games premiere, interviewing stars on the red carpet for Ellen’s show.

She was very excited at the opportunity, and Ellen said Lenny even promised to kiss her again at the big event, making good on her promise to set him up with someone.


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