Ellen: Know Or Go Spring Edition Trivia Questions


Ellen: The Bachelor Finale

“I always feel so bad for the girl who isn’t picked,” Ellen said about The Bachelor finale. She suggested that instead of making the losing girl wait around and feel uncomfortable, they drop her through the floor like in Ellen’s game, Know Or Go.

Ellen: Know Or Go Spring Edition

Ellen: Know Or Go Spring Edition

Ellen played Know Or Go with her audience. Can you answer her spring trivia questions?


Know or Go is one of Ellen’s favorite audience games, where contestants answer trivia questions while standing high atop a platform. If they answer correctly, they stay in the game and have a chance to win.

But if they get a question wrong, the floor drops out from under them and they disappear. Today’s contestants included Carrie from California, Janie from Indiana, and Britney from California.

Read Ellen’s Oscar-themed Know Or Go questions.


Know Or Go: Spring Edition

Today’s questions and answers related to Spring, which is starting very soon.

  • A sign of Spring is blooming flowers. Name a flower. (Carrie said Daffodil)
  • In May, some people wrap a ribbon around a Maypole. Where does Santa live? (North Pole)
  • This year, Spring lasts from March 20 to June 20. How many months is that? (3; Britney guessed 4, but Ellen gave her a chance to figure it out.)
  • Morgan Freeman was the voice of the movie March of the Penguins. Finish this phrase: “March comes in like a lion and goes out like a ___.” (Lamb; Carrie guessed bear, and Ellen excitedly dropped her through the floor.)
  • In some countries, the first of country is known as May Day. In this country, what day is known as Tax Day? (April 15; Janie guessed Germany, which is a hilarious misunderstanding of the question, and she was eliminated.)

Ellen: Know Or Go Finale

Here are the questions Britney had to answer to win the game:

  • Sometimes when people are feeling dirty, they use Irish Spring. What is it? (Soap)
  • A lot of college students have discovered Florida for Spring Break. Which explorer is credited with discovering Florida? (Ponce De Leon; Britney guessed Christopher Columbus, then changed to Christopher Reeve, then guessed Flo Rida and Michael Jackson before finally being ejected.)

“That was terrible,” Ellen said, and rewarded their wrong answers with iPads all around.


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