Ellen: Know Or Go Game – Current Events Edition


Ellen: Know Or Go

Of all the games Ellen DeGeneres likes to play with her audience, one of the most fun to watch is Know Or Go. That’s the one where three people from the audience compete for a prize by answering trivia questions.

The catch is that they’re high up in the air on a giant platform. If one of them get a question wrong, the spot they’re standing on goes away and they fall into the platform and out of sight.


Ellen: Know Or Go Current Events

Could you answer Ellen's questions about current events, like Sarah Palin on Today? Take the quiz and see for yourself. (Image Credit: Christopher Halloran / Shutterstock.com)

Today was a first for Know Or Go, according to Ellen, who said they’ve never had a woman in a dress play the game until now, thanks to Jackie, who announced that she didn’t have shorts on under her dress.

Jackie’s fellow contestants today were Claudy and Nies.


Ellen: Current Events Know Or Go

Here are the questions from today’s game, centered around Current Events.

  • Today, CNN is reporting the results of three primaries. What does CNN stand for? (Cable News Network; Jackie couldn’t get it right, but she could hold her dress down as she fell through the platform.)
  • What international blockbuster about a girl and a boy and a boat has just been re-released in 3D? (Titanic; Claudy got it right)
  • They say April showers bring May flowers. How many days are there in April. (30; Nies was right.)
  • The game is called Know Or Go, but what is Justin Bieber’s new song called? (“Boyfriend”)
  • Last week, three people won the Mega Millions jackpot. Name them. (Trick question)
  • What is $660 million divided by three? ($220 million)
  • Today is the third day of April. What holiday falls on the fifth day of May? (Cinco De Mayo)
  • The NCAA national championships ended yesterday. What sport did they play? (Basketball)
  • Sarah Palin co-hosted The Today Show this morning. She’s the former governor of Alaska. Name two other states that begin with the letter A. (Claudy chose Alabama, but couldn’t remember Arizona or Arkansas, so she took the plunge.)

Ellen: Know Or Go Championship Round

Nies was the last woman standing, but Ellen put her through her paces with more questions. She even threatened to ask Nies questions for the whole hour.

  • The Academy of Country Music Awards were Sunday. Which one of my proteges won Entertainer of the Year for the second year in a row? (Nies answered Swift Taylor, which Ellen decided was close enough.)
  • The Voice is on tonight. Name all four celebrity judges. (Nies only knew Christina Aguilera, but Ellen made her suffer for a minute before giving her the drop.)

Falling into that big contraption has got to be fun.

For playing the game, Ellen gave all her contestants a 32” Samsung TV.

Ellen Dance Song: “Got To Give It Up”

After the game, Ellen and the contestants did a victory dance to Marvin Gaye’s “Got To Give It Up.”

Download an MP3 of “Got To Give It Up” by Marvin Gaye.


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