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Ellen: Surprise Home Makeover

A couple weeks ago, Ellen DeGeneres surprised a family in her audience. Julie and John Pasquella and their children appeared on the show, sharing their story about not being able to afford a family vacation.

Ellen sent the family on a surprise trip to Miami, Florida. But while they were gone, she had her friends from HGTV’s Kitchen Cousins secretly renovating their home. Ellen’s correspondent Jeannie was standing by in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to surprise the Pasquella family as they arrived back at home.


Ellen: Kitchen Cousins

Ellen partnered with the Kitchen Cousins to surprise the Pasquella Family.

Ellen: Kitchen Cousins Makeover

Ellen thanked the Kitchen Cousins for their hard work on the family’s home. She flashed some before and after photos of the kitchen. It’s hard to describe in words how great the finished product looked, especially compared to the extremely outdated original.

The Kitchen Cousins explained their goal was an open floor plan for the family. The whole process took seven days, and Ellen said she wished her renovations could happen that quickly.


While they were talking, the family’s SUV began to pull up the street. Jeannie rushed up to the car to greet them. Julie was already getting worked up, because she recognized Anthony and John, the Kitchen Cousins.

Hugs were exchanged, and I didn’t realize that even the outside of the house has gotten freshened up. John was overwhelmed, and Julie could barely get in the door without freaking out at the home makeover.

Ellen: Pasquella Family Kitchen Cousins Reveal

“It’s like a model home,” John said of the work. They may be the Kitchen Cousins, but they seem to have made over the entire house. The family was gathered in the playroom, where a special paint had been applied to the walls to let the kids draw on the walls, then dry erase when they’re ready to start over.

Ellen also showed before and after photos of Julie and John’s bedroom and master bathroom, which got freshened up as well. “It looks amazing,” Ellen said, promising to follow up with the family in the future.

To see more of the Kitchen Cousins and their stunning renovations, you can check them out in their own show, returning Wednesday May 2 on HGTV.


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