Ellen: Kai Meets Bruno Mars, Qantas Australian Know How & Boomerangs


Ellen: Kai Meets Bruno Mars, Qantas Australian Know How & Boomerangs

Ellen hopes to see tons of kangaroos on her trip to Melbourne, Australia.

Ellen: What’s In The Box?

Ellen really wants as many viewers as possible to experience Australia. She played another game today to give an audience member a trip to Australia. “What’s In The Box” is easy. You just pick a box! There were several rounds and the boxes kept moving and reseting.

  • Round 1: A woman picked box number three. She won a 42” Insignia HDTV.
  • Round 2: A woman picked door number two. She won an inflatable swan and a kiddie pool.
  • Round 3: A woman picked box number one. She won a VCR, a copy of Mr. Wrong, and $500.
  • Round 4: A woman picked box number three. She won a fan art of Ellen and $500.
  • Round 5: The last box was number two. The winner got a trip to Australia and $500.

Ellen: Kai Meets Bruno Mars

The adorable Kai sang on Ellen earlier this week. He’s four-years-old and he knows all the words to “Grenade” by Bruno Mars. Bruno Mars heard about Kai and he gave him tickets to his Unorthodox Jukebox tour.

On the flight home, Kai ran into Bruno! Bruno walked back to use the bathroom and Kai said, “Hi Bruno Mars.”


Bruno brought Kai up to first class and got him to sing for everyone.

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Ellen: Qantas Australian Know How

The countdown is getting closer each day. Ellen has a lot to learn before she gets to Australia. She started with boomerangs. Let’s just say it was a good thing they were foam.

She decided to call the Qantas help desk for a more thorough briefing on Aussie customs. She got Vicky at Qantas. Here are Vicky’s brief Aussie facts.

  • Red or white wine are served in Qantas’ first class only. You cannot get a to-go cup.
  • If you go to Melbourne, Ellen’s first stop, you will see about 60 to 100 kangaroos in a day. There is one kangaroo on each Qantas flight, located on the tail of the plane.
  • It is 2013 in Australia.

Ellen asked, “If my eyes are blue in America, what color will they be in Australia?” Vicky caught on to Ellen’s jokes by now and surprised her.


See you in Australia, Vicky!


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