Ellen: Jon Hamm Audience Trivia Quiz Game


Ellen: Mad Men Jon Hamm Quiz

How well do you know your Jon Hamm trivia? Put yourself or your friends to the test with this quiz from The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Ellen asked audience members these true or false questions about the actor’s life, work, and career.


Ellen: Jon Hamm Quiz

How well did you score on Ellen's Jon Hamm trivia quiz? (Image Credit: Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)

Ellen: Jon Hamm Quiz

Here are the questions Ellen and Jon asked audience members.

  • Jon is the voice of Mercedes Benz commercials. (True)
  • Jon’s favorite karaoke song is “Pour Some Sugar On Me.” (False; he likes Prince songs.)
  • Jon was in the final company of Cats on Broadway. (False)
  • Jon once worked at a perfume counter in Bloomingdale’s. (False)
  • Fabio is Jon’s second cousin. (False)
  • Before Jon made it as an actor, Jon was an underwear model. (False)

Ellen: Spam Or Hamm Quiz

One audience contestant was Susie Cooper, a California 2nd grade teacher. To test her Jon Hamm knowledge, Ellen gave her a paddle with Jon Hamm’s face on one side, and the word Spam on the other.


Susie was not too up on her Jon Hamm trivia, only getting one out of three questions correct.

To brush up on your Mad Men trivia, click here to watch the show.

You can see Jon in theaters in the new movie Friends With Kids. Read about Jon Hamm & Friends With Kids.

Jon Hamm Quiz: Kelly Cole

The next lucky audience contestant was Kelly Cole, a college recruiter from Minnesota. She had similarly bad luck with these questions, going one for three.

But both players were rewarded with a 32” Samsung TV. It’s fair to say there are no losers at Ellen’s show.

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Ellen: TV Trivia

How did you do on the Jon Hamm quiz? Do you think you would’ve done better if the questions had been about his show Mad Men instead of his life?

On that note, why has there never been a TV game show about TV trivia? It seems like a good opportunity for a channel like TV Guide, which should specialize in TV shows about TV. Would you watch a TV trivia game show?


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