Ellen: John Deere Tractor Anniversary & Photobombing Butt Picture


Ellen: John Deere Tractor Anniversary & Photobombing Butt Picture

Ellen rode out on a John Deere tractor and then gave it to an audience member that just bought a farm in Michigan in honor of John Deere’s anniversary.

Ellen DeGeneres Rides a John Deere Tractor on Stage

Oh, Deere, is right. Ellen usually just throws a mint in the air on her way out on stage. Today, she rode out on a John Deere tractor. Those really are a huge sign of summer. The audience was thrilled to see her little trick.


“Thank God Oprah’s not on the air anymore so I can do stuff like this!” she said. Ellen really does use the John Deere to mow her grass at her farm, and the shag carpet in her rumpus room.

“The only person that enjoys fresh grass more than me is Snoop Dog,” Ellen said.

She invited down an audience member, Melissa from Michigan. They own a 45 acre farm and Ellen gave her the tractor. It’s John Deere’s anniversary and Ellen is helping them celebrate.


Ellen DeGeneres: Classic Joke Tuesday

Andy Zenor hand delivered an “old timey police report.”

“Did you hear what happened to the two men who stole a calendar? They both got six months.”

Weird Photos: Photobombing Butt & Floral Dresses

Ellen’s fans are always sending in wild photos. One viewer sent in a photo of her cousin from her honeymoon. Her dress was a floral print and she was sitting in front of floral drapes. The pattern was so perfectly matched that she was just a floating head.

Another viewer got photobombed with her mouth open and a hand next to her. The hand looked like an exorcisim. Creepy! Another photobomb was unintentional. A viewer was taking photos of her gorgeous hotel room and caught her boyfriend’s butt naked in the background. He’s really tan and blends into the wall, almost.

“Usually when you go on vacation you take a picture of a sunset, but she got a full moon,” Ellen said. “I guess it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.”


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