Ellen: Jodi Fisher Cancer Patient Fun List & Sara Lee Scholarship


Cancer Mom’s Wish Comes True

A mom battling cancer had her wish come true when she was a guest on The Ellen Show.

Jodi Fisher is a Cayucos, California, wife and mother who has been battling a rare form of cancer. She was in remission until about a year and a half ago, and she is still trying to find the right treatment to get back to remission.


Jodi said she stays positive and is grateful for the opportunities she has in life, despite her obstacles. With her daughter, she developed a Fun List of things to do with the family, such as taking vacations or renting a limo for fun.

Ellen: Cancer Mom's Inspiring Story

Ellen met a mom whose family rented an ice cream truck & gave away free ice cream.

Jodi Fisher’s Fun List: Free Ice Cream Truck

For her 44th birthday, Jodi and her family rented an ice cream truck and drove around town giving away ice cream. She likes making great memories with loved ones and give back to her friends and family who have always been there for her.


Jodi Fisher Meets President Obama

One of Jodi’s big goals was to shake President Barack Obama’s hand. Instead, the President gave her a big hug to make her wish come true.

Her last item on the list was attending The Ellen DeGeneres Show with her family. “Cancer has its ups and downs, and so sometimes you just need that little boost, or something to look forward to,” Jodi said.

Jodi Fisher Fun List

After hearing Jodi’s story, Ellen invited Jodi to join her onstage. “I’m honored that I’m on your Fun List,” Ellen said. She said Jodi’s attitude is inspirational.

Jodi said making the Fun List made her realize how much is possible in life, no matter what you are facing. She said that it’s been amazing the way small kindnesses have snowballed to help Jodi and her family achieve the goals on their Fun List.

Jodi: Ellen Is Inspiring

Ellen took a picture with Jodi’s family. Jodi said the family watches Ellen’s show together. “It just makes me feel good that there’s people like you in the world, that are inspiring and that stand up for people,” Jodi said to Ellen.

She mentioned Ellen’s signoff, “Be kind to one another,” which she says at the end of each show. Jodi said the world would be a better place if more people took that advice.

Sara Lee $30,000 Scholarship

Jodi admitted that she is worried about what could happen to her family, and they are all aware of the realities of cancer. Ellen surprised Jodi’s family by announcing that Sara Lee is giving the family $30,000 for her children’s education.

That’s pretty amazing, and as Jodi said, it’s really nice that Ellen is using her platform to do some good in the world.


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