Ellen: Ireland Trip Audience Winner Joelle Gage’s Story


Ellen: Ireland Trip Giveaway

Ellen DeGeneres invited two audience members to play a game she called Race to the Emerald Isle. She chose Joelle Gage and Chrissy O’Reilly to compete in today’s game for a chance to win a 7-day trip to Ireland.

Chrissy is a sociology & communications student in Illinois, and Joelle is studying nursing in New York. The ladies got suited up and Ellen explained their challenge.


Ellen: Ireland Trip

Ellen DeGeneres surprised a viewer and her mom with a 7-day trip to Ireland because of the heartwarming letter Joelle wrote and shared with Ellen.

Ellen: Race to the Emerald Isle

First, Joelle had to bob for a green apple, which looks just as hard as it was in elementary school. Ellen ended up giving her some assistance to get the game going, after 30 seconds of dead time.

Next, she had to use a spoon to dig a four leaf clover out of a kiddie pool filled with green flour. The next obstacle was chugging a green mystery beverage. Last, she had to run and jump onto a Velcro wall. Her total time was 1:47, the time for Chrissy to beat if she wanted to win the trip.


Ellen: Joelle’s Ireland Trip

After a tense commercial break, Ellen revealed that Chrissy is actually a plant who works for the show. She is not competing, and Joelle will be going on the Ireland trip. Ellen explained why she thought the girl deserved it.

Joelle Gage Ireland Story

Joelle wrote a letter to Ellen talking about why she wanted to go to Ireland. “My parents never got to go on a honeymoon, and my father passed away in 2005,” she said. He had promised to take her mother to Ireland when he got better, but they didn’t get the chance before he died.

Joelle wrote to Ellen, saying that she wanted to take her mother to Ireland and make her lifelong dream come true, and since Ellen is in the business of making people’s dreams come true, she figured she had a shot. Ellen announced that Joelle and her mom would be spending seven days exploring Ireland.


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