Ellen: Hot Glam Girl Ageless Beauty Challenge


Ellen: Guess The Hot Glam Girl’s Age

From time to time, Ellen DeGeneres features audience submissions of glamour shots from the ‘80s and ‘90s. As she explained, sometimes it’s hard to tell how old the subjects are, and what look they’re going for.

“It’s hard to tell whether they’re 13 or 30, or whether they’re dressed as a magician or a cowgirl or a stripper,” she explained.


Ellen Hot Glam Girl

Do you think you could guess women's ages based just on their old gaudy glamour photos?

Ellen: Hot Glam Girl Ageless Beauty Challenge

To capitalize on this confusion, Ellen turned the problem into an audience game, recruiting someone to put six Glam Girls in age from youngest to oldest.

The photo subjects gave explanations for their “timeless” portraits:

  • Nancy from Ohio wore red and lots of gaudy gold accessories: “The photographer wanted me to take my glasses off, but I insisted I had to wear them, because I’m not me without my glasses.”
  • Misty from Tennessee was swathed in soft light and what looked like cotton balls: “I got it done at a local flea market.”
  • Tiffany from Missouri explains it best herself: “Big hair, caked on makeup, and tinfoil wrapped around my body. I still cringe when I see this.”
  • Leanne from Pennsylvania wasn’t wearing much, but clutched something gauzy to her chest for modesty: “Having three kids, I needed to feel pretty. This was taken in 1994.”
  • Reina from California had a Roman take on the Wonder Woman headband: “My friends and I drove an hour and a half to get our glamour shots taken. Here’s mine.”
  • Heidi from Pennsylvania sported an enormous Naval cap: “I had this taken for my boyfriend, who’s now my husband, because he wanted to go into the US Naval Academy.”

Ellen: Hot Glam Girl Challenge

Courtney LaDuke was chosen from the audience to put these hot messes in age order, and she only had 45 seconds to do it.

Courtney guessed the following order, from youngest to oldest: Tiffany, Reina, Misty, Heidi, Leanne, Nancy. But Ellen revealed that she got absolutely none of them right. She graciously gave Courtney another shot.

This time her guess was: Reina, Misty, Nancy, Tiffany, Heidi, and Leanne; Ellen said she had one correct.

Ellen: Hot Glam Girl Ages

Ellen revealed the correct answer and the ladies’ ages to a shocked audience. Heidi was 15; Misty, 16; Tiffany, 18; Leanne, 26; Nancy, 27; and Reina, 37.

This just proves that looks can be deceiving, and also you should never guess a woman’s age.To reward Courtney for her efforts, Ellen gave her a trip for two to New Orleans, with accommodations provided by JW Marriott.

Ellen Dance Song: “All Night Long”

Today Ellen and her audience danced to Robin Thicke’s song “All Night Long,” featuring Lil’ Wayne.

Click here to download the MP3 of “All Night Long,” by Robin Thicke.


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