Ellen Hilarious Facebook Photos | Presidents Day


Ellen: Presidents Day

Maybe you had extra time to watch TV today, because of the Presidents Day holiday. Ellen DeGeneres observed Presidents Day on her talk show.

Ellen: Funny Facebook Photos

Ellen shared funny and embarrassing Facebook photos from her audience on today's show.


Facebook Photo: Groomsmen Urinating

She started off today’s show by sharing silly Facebook photos taken by members of her studio audience. First up were Angie & Jason, who have been married for three years.

Ellen found a Facebook photo from their wedding, in which Jason and his groomsmen took an outdoor bathroom break while taking wedding photos. “Usually women go to the bathroom together, but we go to the bathroom,” Ellen said.

Ellen’s Embarrassing Facebook Photos: Women & Big Balls

Christine Crane was up next, and Ellen could tell the woman was embarrassed before they even showed her photo. In her picture, Christine was posing with two medium size pumpkins around her waist. “We have doctors here who can lift those things,” Ellen joked.


Another woman from the audience, Jaena, was featured in a similar pose, holding 10-pound bowling balls. Ellen said Jaena probably never guessed when that picture was taken that it would ever end up on TV.

See the Bowling Ball Photo on Facebook.

Jaena also had a photo of her son competing in the Scottish Ventura Games, in which he appeared to be balancing a large log between his legs, while wearing a kilt. See the Log Photo on Facebook.

Embarrasing Facebook Profile: Manger of Looking Sexy

Audience member Tony Mora claimed he is a student, but Ellen showed a screenshot of his Facebook page that claimed he was the manager of Looking Sexy. Ellen also showed off a Facebook photo of Tony posing in his underwear.

Ellen gave Tony some Ellen Underwear to use the next time he poses for his Facebook profile. Click here to see Tony Moya’s Facebook profile.

Facebook: Embarrassing Photos

I think we’ve all learned a valuable lesson today, and that is, don’t post anything on your Facebook profile that you don’t want to have broadcast on national TV, especially if you are going to be in Ellen’s studio audience!

Do you have any embarrassing profile photos you would want to keep hidden? Maybe Presidents Day is a good time to clean up your online image, so you have a job to go back to tomorrow.



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