Ellen, Here’s My Talent Winner & Underwear for Troops in South Asia


Ellen, Here’s My Talent Contest Finalist Puts Coins in Neck

For the past few months, Ellen has been searching high and low for videos of her viewers talents. She thought that her viewers had some weird ideas of talent. The finalists came to perform their talent live. Kristen, April, Rudy and Tia were Ellen’s finalists.

Kristen can split an apple open with her head. She was told to try it when she was 15 and kept going. She places her finger on the middle of the apple and then smashes her forehead down on it.


Next up, April learned to jump rope with her butt. She was in a skipping club in grade school and saw someone do this trick. She now pulls it out at parties.

Rudy learned to say a strange word very fast, “Jigabuga” He said that he began saying the word when he was about nine and then took it faster and faster. He now likes to freak people out at bars with his talent. Finally, Tia can put coins in her neck. She was having a breath holding competition with friends and they saw he neck formed a large well. They thought it would be a great idea to stick things in there. “Nobody says that and starts with coins,” Ellen laughed. Tia said that now people randomly put stuff in her neck hole. It’s weird, but it got her on Ellen


Ellen, Here’s My Talent Winner: April & Her Jump Rope

“All of you have, what’s the word, talent?” Ellen said. She said it was a hard choice, but she finally decided on a winner for the “Ellen, Here’s My Talent” contest. Ellen gave April the $10,000 prize and a sash that reads, “I’m talented.” The others got a $1,500 gift card to Target.

Ellen Gives Underwear to Troops in Southwest Asia

Ellen, Here's My Talent Winner & Underwear for Troops in South Asia

Ellen got an email from military wife Vanya. She asked Ellen to donate underwear to the troops in South Asia, where he husband Rob is stationed.

Vanya emailed Ellen asking her to donate Ellen underwear to her husband’s troop in Southwest Asia. He is an air battle manager and laundry was running low. His friend had to borrow a pair of boxers to get through to laundry day. Ellen loved the email and brought Vanya to the show.

Vanya’s husband will be coming home around July 30 for the birth of their third baby. They have a three-year-old daughter and a two-year-old son. Vanya said her daughter watches Ellen’s show to calm down before bed time. She has a hard time falling to sleep because she misses her dad and is afraid he’s never coming back.

Swisse Wellness Gives Military Family $20,000 & Huggies Diapers for Six-Months

As a surprise, Ellen called Vanya’s husband, Rob, up on Skype. He said that he misses his family and it’s hard being away from them during the formative years. To help out with the new baby, Ellen gave Vanya and Rob every gift from her recent Mother’s Day show.

When Rob comes home they can go on golf spa retreats and take the baby in walks with new, safe strollers. The family was using cloth diapers because they couldn’t afford disposable.  They won’t have to worry about diapers for six-months and baby food courtesy of Plum OrganicsTo help with their student loans, Swisse Wellness gave them $20,000. Oh, and Rob’s men are getting new Ellen underwear! 

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