Ellen Helps Carrie Agnew’s Minneapolis Family Save Their House


Ellen: Viewer Mail

Ellen DeGeneres said she and her staff read all the letters and emails they receive. She had a letter she wanted to share, noting that the couple who sent it was in today’s studio audience, which obviously means they are going to get an amazing surprise.

Ellen: Carrie Agnew & Rebecca's Daughter Ruby

Ellen helped a Minneapolis couple, Carrie & Rebecca, save their home from foreclosure.


Here is the letter from the show:

Dear Ellen,

My wife Rebecca and I have been together for nine years and have a beautiful daughter Ruby, who is so proud of her two mamas. For the first two years after Ruby was born, things were great. Then the economy took a turn for the worst.


We have fallen behind on bills and are in danger of losing our home. But every day we watch your show. You remind us that there is good in this world and that it’s OK to dance. You handle every situation with such grace, class, and humble humor.

We love you, Ellen,
Carrie Agnew

Ellen: Carrie Agnew Minneapolis Minnesota

Ellen invited Carrie and Rebecca to join her onstage, amid tears and tissues. In a taped package, Carrie and Rebecca shared the story of their romance, from meeting in a Brooklyn bar nine years to the traumatic birth of their daughter.

Carrie & Rebecca’s Daughter Ruby

The birth resulted in an emergency C section without anesthesia, and they almost lost their daughter Ruby. The medical staff told Carrie the treatments they wanted to perform on the newborn, but Carrie couldn’t consent, because she did not have parental rights under the law.

“That’s probably the worst feeling in the world,” Carrie said. “I’ve never been so helpless.”

Rebecca woke up to sign the consent forms for Ruby at the last minute, and everything worked out. Now Ruby is four, and her mothers call her a “miracle.”

Carrie has since legally adopted Ruby, giving her equal parental rights with Rebecca.

Carrie & Rebecca Foreclosure

Though they have a happy family, they have struggled like so many others in the recent economic crisis. Rebecca lost her job,and their house is in foreclosure.

They are grateful for what they have, and look forward to becoming parents a second time. Maybe Ellen can give them a New Ikea Home?

Rebecca is now working two jobs to help make ends meet. Carrie is at home with Ruby, but the house could soon be taken from them via foreclosure.

Carrie Agnew Radiologist Minneapolis Minnesota

Carrie Agnew recently passed her board exam as a Radiologic Technologist, and would like to find a job in the medical field. Ellen tried to drum up some employment opportunities for Carrie, so if you know anyone that needs a Radiologist in Minneapolis, I guess call Ellen.

Ellen also noted that since finances are tight, they don’t have cable and can’t record her show. To remedy this problem, Ellen surprised the couple with a Tivo DVR, but of course there was a bigger surprise to come.

Click here to check out the Tivo Premiere DVR.

Ellen: Carrie & Rebecca’s Fujifilm Surprise

Carrie and Rebecca’s daughter Ruby joined the couple onstage momentarily, but got distracted and wandered backstage before the big surprise.

The couple is in foreclosure, and they owe over $7,500 plus legal fees. Ellen shared the couple’s story with Fujifilm Medical Systems, and they donated $10,000 to help the couple save their house.

On top of that, Carrie could get a job opportunity out of all this. While she’s waiting, Fujifilm is going to tide her over with an additional $15,000. $25,000 should go a long way toward getting these ladies back on their feet, and it’s such a positive way to end the week.


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