Ellen: Heidi Hawkins Safari So Goody Africa Trip Winner


Ellen: Safari So Goody Contest Winner

Ellen DeGeneres announced the winner of her Safari So Goody Contest. More than 100,000 viewers entered to win an African Safari worth $30,000.

Ellen invited the five finalists to face off in a game she named Call of the Wild. The contestants were Erica, Heidi, Shawn, Sarah, and Jane.


Ellen: African Safari Winner

Ellen revealed the winner of her African Safari contest, nursing student Heidi Hawkins.

Ellen: Call Of The Wild Game

Ellen explained the rules of the game. The girls wore blindfolds and headphones, and they were going to perform animal antics and sounds they could see if they win the safari.

The winner was theoretically going to be selected by an audience vote. Ellen said she would try to keep everyone on their toes by giving the animals silly characteristics.


Ellen Safari Winner

Ellen had the contestants act like drunk elephants. But the joke was on one contestant in particular, because everyone else was in on the joke and snuck off the stage.

The contest winner made angry monkey noises and scratch her leg. Before the bit was over, the other four contestants returned so the winner wouldn’t get suspicious.

Ellen Reveals Africa Trip Winner

Ellen revealed that Heidi Hawkins was the Safari winner, and she had her watch the video to see that she was the only contestant.

Then Ellen revealed that she knows that Heidi and her family have been struggling, and even saved up to go to the zoo because she loves animals so much.

Heidi’s safari prize package included five star hotel accommodations, a zip line ride, and a hot air balloon safari.

Safari Winner Heidi

While Heidi is finishing nursing school, her boyfriend is their sole provider, taking care of her and their three kids. She said she looks forward to things getting easier once she graduates.

Ellen had one more surprise for Heidi and her family. She gave the family all 12 of her 12 Days of Giveaways, as well as all the show’s giveaways since then. That’s three months of free stuff.

Heidi should not have to do any birthday or holiday gift shopping for quite awhile.


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