Ellen: Google Glasses Review & Pregnancy Dance Dare Challenge


Ellen: Google Glasses Review

Ellen DeGeneres, like many techies, is enamored of the recently announced Google Glasses product. As Ellen explained it, “they’re glasses that do everything your iPhone can do, but you see it right in front of your eyes. …They’re calling it a Heads Up display, as in ‘Heads up. You’re about to walk into a wall.’”

She shared a clip of the Google Glasses prototype video, which showed the glasses giving weather information, subway service schedule data, and even take and share photos. She said this is going to make it even harder to tell who is crazy out on the street, and she feels we have enough distractions demanding our attention already.


Ellen: Google Glasses

Ellen DeGeneres had to weigh in on the recently announced Google Glasses technology. (Image Credit: AHMAD FAIZAL YAHYA / Shutterstock.com)

“I’m worried about this invention, because people already text when they drive, and now they’re going to wear these Google Glasses,” she complained. “What’s next? Are they going to build iPhones into the steering wheel?”

Ellen said she recently learned some fascinating statistics from a documentary: “Every single day, we see over 4 billion bits of information, but we process less than 1/1000 of 1%, because that’s all our brains can handle,” she reported.


This is yet another competing distraction joining Facebook, Twitter, and countless others that keep us from enjoying the moment. Ellen encouraged everyone to live in the now through activities such as dancing.

Ellen: 2012 Baltimore Orioles Streaker

Today’s show featured a clip from the 2012 Baltimore Orioles opening day game, during which a fan in nothing but a Batman cape and underwear dashed out onto the field.

The fan, Mark Harvey now has a lifetime ban from the stadium. He told the Baltimore Sun that it was a lifelong dream of his to make people laugh. He had wanted to wear Ellen Underwear out on the field, but he couldn’t find any, so he went with Batman as a backup.

You can find Ellen Underwear for your next pants-free occasion at Ellen’s store, online at ellenshop.com. Ellen said she would send Mark a free pair for his trouble.

Ellen: 2012 Earth Day T-Shirt

Earth Day is coming up on Friday April 20 2012. To commemorate the holiday and help fight Global Warming, the Ellen Shop is also selling special Ellen Earth Day T-shirts at ellenshop.com.

“Hopefully we can stop global warming, and if not, at least you have a nice T-shirt with short sleeves,” she said.

Ellen: Hilarious Vintage Ads

If you’re a fan of the 1960s period drama Mad Men, you’ve probably noticed that it’s easy to pick out the fatal flaws and societal behaviors that were so prevalent at the time, but that we know now are hazardous to your health.

Ellen shared more vintage advertisements that highlight the major differences between the times of today and America’s past attitudes.

  • Go Gay Hairspray was a mid-20th century product with the tagline “Girls are discovered first.”
  • An ad for American Airlines flight attendants said “Think of her as your mother.”
  • The Kenwood Chef is a kitchen appliance with an outdated tagline: “The Chef does everything but cook – that’s what wives are for!”

Ellen: Another Dance Dare Finalist

Ellen DeGeneres is determined to find the best surreptitious Dance Dare contestants before the end of the TV season in May 2012. Today she highlighted the efforts of another talented Dance Dare hopeful, Adam Saleh of New York City, New York.

A compilation of Adam’s Dance Dares featured his secret moves behind unsuspecting citizens in the city’s parks, on its sidewalks, and even in department stores. His signature move if he gets caught is pretending to tie his shoe. If anything, Adam’s routines seem to prove that New Yorkers don’t pay much attention to the weirdness of their surroundings.

Ellen was proud to include his efforts in the contest, wondering if he is a professional. “Women love it when guys sneak up behind them in Central Park,” she observed.

Ellen: Pregnancy Dance Dares

Ellen did complain that all the finalists for Dance Dares so far are men. She issued a challenge to women in general. But she also encouraged pregnant and expecting mothers especially to get in on the action by dancing for two. She wants expecting moms to turn in their Dance Dares before Mother’s Day, so get the pregnant woman in your life ready to bust a move.

Ellen Audience Dancer Of The Day

Ellen spotlighted one of her audience members, a mature woman who wasn’t shy about hopping around the stage before today’s taping began. There is something inspiring about watching someone let go and get into a good dance routine.

Ellen Dance Song: “Give Up The Funk”

To get in the groovy spirit with the studio audience, Ellen got them dancing to Parliament’s “Give Up The Funk.”

Download an MP3 of “Give Up The Funk” by Parliament.


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