Ellen Gives Lisa Jarmon, Struggling Single Mom, Presents & Gifts


Ellen: Lisa Jarmon

Ellen DeGeneres invited audience member Lisa Jarmon to sit with her on the set. Lisa has appeared on the show before and received all of Ellen’s gifts in the 12 Days Of Giveaways, a series of shows during the holiday season. Ellen explained that she met her in the studio audience and fell in love with Lisa’s attitude and her story.

Ellen: Single Mom Lisa Jarmon

Ellen loves to surprise Lisa Jarmon, a single mom from Texas.


Ellen Helps Struggling Single Mom

Lisa Jarmon is a single mother in Fresno, Texas. She lives with two of her children and two grandchildren. The family is full of love, and they enjoy cuddling with Lisa.

Lisa said she struggles to pay her bills, but she gets by. “I never say that I’m poor. I never say that I’m struggling. Because to me, I’m not. To me, I just live like I live,” she said.

Lisa Jarmon: Ellen 12 Days Of Giveaways

She said that she appreciated being picked by Ellen to be on the show. In a previous appearance on the show, Ellen gave Lisa a car. Later, Lisa returned for Ellen’s birthday show, and Ellen had another gift for her.


Ellen gave Lisa Jarmon all the prizes from her annual 12 Days Of Giveaways celebration. Lisa said she hopes to own her own house within the next five years, so she can know her kids are taken care of. She would also like to take her family on a vacation to Disney World.

Lisa said people come up to her on the street and are friendly toward her because they have seen her with Ellen on the show.

Lisa Jarmon: Ellen JC Penney Scandal

She even addressed Ellen’s recent JC Penney Controversy.

“We are who we are, and that is her business,” Lisa said about Ellen’s personal life. “And I love her and I love Portia…if Portia wasn’t in the picture, there would be a whole lot of us after her,” she joked.

Ellen: Audience Member Lisa’s Positive Attitude

Lisa thanked the Lord for letting her cross paths with Ellen, who has changed her life. Ellen praised Lisa’s attitude even in the face of struggles. “When you say you can’t, that’s when you can’t do it. You just never say you can’t do it,” Lisa explained. She really does have an admirably positive vibe!

Ellen surprised Lisa because she flew her entire family from Texas to be on the show. They had an emotional reunion on the set and everybody exchanged hugs with Ellen.



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