Ellen: Failed Hair Tutorial & Gluteus Mikesimus Underwear Model


Ellen: New Hairstyle

Last week Ellen parted her hair on the opposite side as normal and it shocked a lot of people. While the majority didn’t notice until just now, Ellen had some fans write in and say things like, “I like her old hair better but still gorgeous.”

She did warn that if you don’t want to feel bad about yourself, don’t ask someone what is different about you. She got answers like looking tired or dry skin.


Ellen Dance Beat Review

Ellen Failed YouTube Hair Tutorial & Gluteus Mikesimus Underwear Model

Tori burnt her hair off during a failed YouTube hair tutorial.

Sometimes Ellen likes to shake things up. She dances through the aisles and dances on the stage, but when she dances on stage they’ve created Ellen’s “Dance Beat.” She’ll have jokes or funny gifs for those watching at home. Some viewers are loving it, but one viewer wrote in that it ruined the show and she’d rather watch Dr. Phil. 


Ellen: Classic Joke Tuesday

Back in 2011, Ellen called it “Classic Joke Monday.” Today she did a flashback  joke.

What sound does a bird’s phone make? Wing Wing.

Ellen: Gluteus Mikesimus

Yesterday Ellen crowned her first official underwear model, Mike Wolfinger. The contest was such a great idea. Mike did well in the Q&A as well as the model-off. Mike is a purple heart veteran and brand new dad. Emily Karen Wolfinger is eight weeks old and Mike’s wife is very supportive of his new job as Ellen’s underwear model.

Ellen didn’t think that his name was quite model-esque. She put it to a vote by audience reaction – Thunder from Jersey, Gluteus Mikesimus, Cinnibuns, Sweet Cheeks or Coyote Handsome.

Mike is now Gluteus Mikesimus. Ellen has a job for him later in the show.

Ellen: Failed Hair Tutorial Gone Wrong

Tori Locklear is 13 and she thought she would get into hair tutorials on YouTube. Back in October she made a video about curling hair and burnt a chunk of her hair off. It wasn’t the first time she had curled her hair, so she thought something shorted out in the curling wand. She said she cried and didn’t smell any burning hair.

Not long after, her dad took away her computer privileges and she forgot about the video. She found it a few weeks ago and posted it on her Facebook. The video went viral. Ellen gave her a bunch of hair products to make up for her “side burns” and a wig in case it happens again.


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