Ellen: Facebook Timeline, Pole Dancing & Butt Bumping Photos


Ellen: Facebook Timeline

Ellen DeGeneres is among the critics of the latest Facebook Timeline redesign. But that didn’t stop her from scouring the audience’s Facebook profiles to find the audience’s most embarrassing photos before today’s show.

Jared Hansen was doing a webcam chat with a friend wearing only an Adam and Eve fig leaf costume. His defense is that he was Adam for Halloween and his friend was Eve. However, the Eve in this photo was wearing a sombrero, so that must have taken a lot of explanation.


Ellen: Fig Leaf Facebook

How bare do you dare to go on Facebook? What's your most embarrassing profile photo?

Ellen: Embarrassing Pole Dancing Facebook Photo

Katie Gallagher was next on Ellen’s hit list. Though Ellen thinks it’s great for everyone to keep learning new things, she wanted to know what inspired Katie’s Facebook album of pole dancing class photos. Katie was featured in a variety of compromising poses and positions.

Ellen: Photoshop Red Carpet Photo

Lisa and Jackie were Ellen’s next targets, and Ellen wondered why everyone is so shy about speaking up, since they’re so bold about posting Internet photos. These ladies Photoshopped themselves onto the red carpet with Ellen.


“The Photoshopping is probably the worst I’ve seen in my life,” Ellen said, referring at least in part to her outdated hairdo. She invited the women onstage to take a better picture, which is great since the ladies were there to celebrate a birthday.

Ellen: Butt Bumping Facebook Photo

An embarrassed Megan Wise was sitting with her mom and sister in the audience. Ellen had a scandalous surprise for Megan’s mom. In the photo, Megan is bumping butts with another young woman. Megan said hello to her friend Mary Ellen, who was also pictured in the compromising photo. At least her mother took it in stride.

I think the people in Ellen’s audience are starting to get wise to Facebook’s privacy controls after they are featured on the show, because their silly photos are getting harder to find. That’s probably smart, but if you’re going on Ellen, you might want to take the precaution of setting your Facebook content to private beforehand so you don’t end up like these people.

Of course, the upside to getting embarrassed by Ellen is getting a free iPad for your trouble.

Ellen Dance Song: “Get Up Offa That Thing”

After she was done humiliating audience members, Ellen danced with them to a classic James Brown hit.

Download an MP3 of James Brown’s “Get Up Offa That Thing.”


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