Ellen: Embarrassing Audience Facebook Photos & Samsung Galaxy Tab


Ellen: Spring Break Recovery

Ellen DeGeneres promised to speak softly today in honor of those who are just recovering from Spring Break. She promised that supermodel Miranda Kerr would be out soon, but first she was making models out of audience members by showing off their embarrassing Facebook photos.

Ellen: Embarrassing Facebook Photos

A word of advice: if you’re heading to Ellen’s show, make your Facebook page private. Here are some of the Facebook photos Ellen dug up featuring her audience members.

  • Gene Cabral passed out on a bus ride, and he blames his embarrassing photo on consuming an 18-pack of Bud Light.
  • Ellen: Embarrassing Facebook Photos

    Ellen DeGeneres shared embarrassing photos of her audience that she found on Facebook. Have you dressed in a hula skirt or other embarrassing outfit on Facebook?

    Heather Cassidy was featured in a self-portrait featuring her voluptuous cleavage. She explained that it was taken in bed when she woke up one morning.

  • Greg Lloyd was featured in a hula outfit, complete with grass skirt and coconut bra. His excuse was he was attending a luau.
  • Alexandra and Chandler Leighton are sisters, ages 20 and 16. They were embarrassed before they even knew what pictures Ellen had on them. Chandler was getting cozy with an Albert Einstein statue, while Alexandra was more interested in an Abraham Lincoln statue. In a subsequent photo, Chandler was moving in on Alexandra’s man. The sisters were embarrassed and said they’d forgotten about these pictures.
  • Keith Secora was ashamed as soon as he heard his name, though he said he couldn’t remember which of his Facebook photos Ellen had dug up. He was dressed in full drag as a naughty nurse, much to the delight of his fellow audience members. He said the picture was from when he used to manage a restaurant, which did not clear things up to Ellen’s satisfaction.

Now is a great time to go make your embarrassing Facebook photos private.

Ellen: Samsung Galaxy Tab Giveaway

To thank her embarrassed audience members for being good sports, Ellen gave them each a Samsung Galaxy Tab. Now they can post their compromising photos to Facebook from almost anywhere.


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