Ellen: Cut the Cord Audience Trivia Quiz Game & Toshiba 32″ TV


Ellen: Cut The Cord Audience Game

Ellen DeGeneres doesn’t believe in superstitions, especially when it comes to Friday the 13th. But she did suspect that one of the day’s two contestants was about to be unlucky, in a game of Cut the Cord.

Emily is an elementary school teacher and Taylor works in sales; they’re best friends from Bakersfield, California. The game is similar to Ellen’s Know Or Go. Emily and Taylor are harness and strapped to a wall, standing upright.


Ellen: Cut the Cord Trivia

Can you name five trees or five types of furniture in five seconds? Ellen's contestants proved it's harder than it sounds.

If they get questions right, they stay where they are. But if they get questions wrong, the harness would slack and they will start to fall over, tipping closer and closer to the padded mattresses in front of them. It’s not as terrifyingly fun as Know Or Go, but the frantic screaming of the contestants is about the same.

Ellen: Cut the Cord Game Questions

In an added twist, there’s a five second time limit for each answer. Here are the questions from today’s game:

  • Name five types of fruit. (Taylor said Oranges, Apples, Bananas, Strawberries & Kiwis)
  • Name five types of furniture in your house (Emily said Sofa, Kitchen Chair, Bed, and Lamp; I’m not sure if they buzzer her for saying Lamp or running out of time)
  • Name five unlucky things. (Taylor came up with Cat, Bat, & Vampire before time ran out)
  • Name five lucky things. (Emily could only name Lucky Charm, Horseshoe, and Horse)
  • Name five Spanish words. (Taylor ran out of time while debating
  • Name five types of trees. (Emily said Fern, Oak, Palm, and Christmas; Ellen pointed out that Fern and Christmas are not tree types)

Some of these have more than five answers. This might be a good list of random things to keep your kids entertained in the car on your next road trip.

Ellen: Toshiba 32” TV Giveaway

With her wrong answer about trees, Emily hit the mat. Taylor was right behind her after failing to list five types of facial hair.

But both ladies were deemed winners, and they each received a 32” Toshiba TV.

Ellen Dance Song: “Tightrope”

Ellen and the audience danced to “Tightrope” by Janelle Monae.

Download an MP3 of Janelle Monae’s “Tightrope.”


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