Ellen: Cousins on Call Makeover Single Mom’s Master Suite & Nursery


Ellen Employs Cousins On Call For Amazing Home Makeover

Last week, Ellen met Elizabeth, a single mom with a jank home. She just bought her home and had a baby, but the upstairs was unfinished and the bathrooms needed a lot of help. Ellen put her most capable friends, John and Anthony The Cousins on Call, on the job to make Elizabeth’s home a happy one.

Today was the big reveal. Elizabeth was kept out of her home for a week while the team worked. Friends and family came out to support and lend a hand in the project. In the end, Elizabeth’s entire home was made over. From the front of the home, the the inside, to the backyard, it was as if someone had waved a magic w


Ellen: Cousins on Call Makeover Single Mom's Master Suite & Nursery

Ellen enlisted the Cousins on Call, John and Anthony, to redo a single mom’s home. Elizabeth was blown away by her master suite and nursery.

and over it.

They put in a nursery, new bathroom, playroom, new kitchen, den and more. The cousins said that her family feels like extended family. They put in seven days of hard work. Her mom Peggy helped out and said that she hasn’t seen the inside of the home.


Single Mom Blown Away By Cousins On Call Makeover

Elizabeth rolled up and was shocked. They put in a new lawn and sprinkler system and added windows. She wasn’t sure that she could handle the inside of the home. They made a custom digital wallpaper to make her wall look like a giant wall of books. Her kitchen was redone and featured a cool, personal wall art. A former student said that Elizabeth taught the class sign language. The cousins took her family’s hands, including her baby Juliette’s, and signed family in photos on the wall.

Cousins On Call Redo Master Suite & Nursery

The upstairs was the area that needed the most work. The previous owners had never finished it and it didn’t even have walls. It was all duct work and shell. Elizabeth now has a master suite with brand new furniture. Juliette has a nursery with personal touches and it is princess pink.

You can see more of Anthony and John’s fantastic taste and work in a new Cousins on Call, Wednesday May 22 at 8 p.m. on HGTV.

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  1. says

    where can I find that crazy cool bead board wall paper featured on Ellen w/ the cousins on call segment with the young couple in Lousianna?

  2. Jen Ruch says

    As a single mother of two and a midwife in the small community of HAzleton, PA, I have committed my time and energy into focus on family – whether it be raising my own, or welcoing new life into the world on a daily basis. Needless to say, my home has become neglected and outdated as my focus remains on helping mothers in need at such a memorable point in their lives. Though the midwifery role has been extremely mentally rewarding, the cost of my training and raising my children has made it impossible for me to give my home a facelift and a place worthy for my growing children to be proud to bring their friends to. As my passion continues to empower women to give birth is a safe, nurturing environment the way they choose, I am asking that “cousins on call” may consider me a potential candidate for a makeover.

    Thank you, Jennifer Ruch

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