Ellen: Carson Daly The Voices Game & Justin Willman Audience Tweet


Ellen DeGeneres Vs Carson Daly: The Voices

Ellen DeGeneres faced off against Carson Daly in a new game the show created just for him, called The Voices.

“We’re going to play a sound clip from a commercial, a television show, or a movie,” she said, “and we’ll take turns guessing who the celebrity voice is.”


Ellen: Carson Daly The Voices Game

Carson Daly and Ellen tried to name celebrities based only on clips of their voices. (Image Credit: DFree / Shutterstock.com)

Here are the clues and answers from today’s game.

  • “Edmonds.com said Hyundai might just take over the world with this thing.” (Carson couldn’t come up with a guess, but an audience member guessed the answer was Jeff Bridges)
  • “Scientific tests show that when one drinks Dr Pepper slowly one can truly relish the 23 flavors.” (Ellen got help from the audience member, who came up with Kelsey Grammer)
  • “Listen to the color of your voice. Shimmering, mulifaceted color that speaks out to say who you really are.” (Carson guessed Eva Longoria, but the right answer was Beyonce)
  • “You know I can’t, playboy. You really think you’re smoother than me?” (Neither of them guessed Sean Combs)
  • “Hey wrinkle face. That’s what people could say if you’re still using a liquid foundation that could settle into your lines and wrinkles and make you look older, like an apricot.” (Carson correctly guessed that this last one was Ellen)

I couldn’t be sure, but I think the helpful audience member was rewarded with an iPad for her good guesses.


Ellen: Justin Willman Magic Tricks

Justin Willman returned to close out the show with a little more magic. Ellen explained at the beginning of the show that Justin had hung a box from the studio rafters earlier in the day.

Holding a beach ball, Justin explained that the contents of the box were amazing, and they would soon be revealed.

Read more of Justin Willman’s Magic Tricks.

Ellen: Justin Willman Epic Tweet

Justin got audience members in on his plan to write an epic tweet. Ellen chose audience member Rachel to be one of the participants. Justin handed the beach ball to Rachel and had the audience toss it around until three people caught it.

Audience members Hahn, Caroline, and Susan caught the ball and were chosen to participate in a Mad Lib style tweet. First, he asked the man to name an activity, and he chose “singing.”

Caroline’s task was to pick a place, and she chose Tahiti. Last, Susan’s goal was to name a celebrity, and she picked George Clooney.

Justin Willman Mad Lib Trick

The Mad Lib-style tweet Justin constructed was “singing in Tahiti with George Clooney,” and he reminded everyone that all the people were selected at random.

Justin said he dreamed this tweet last night, and he wrote it out on a piece of paper, which he put in the box that has been hanging from the ceiling all day.

They retrieved the box from the ceiling and Justin unlocked it to reveal a handwritten tweet. “This is insane,” Ellen observed.

How Did Justin Willman Do That?

The tweet inside the box read:

“@Justin_Willman: OMG @TheEllenShow I’m singing in Tahiti w/ @GeorgeClooney. #LuvURachel”

I really don’t get how he did that, and neither did the audience members, who I guess weren’t in on it?

You can see Justin Willman hosting Cupcake Wars, Sundays on Food Network. You can also check out Justin Willman’s YouTube Magic Show.



  1. Elmie says

    Re: Justin Willman’s Incredible “Beach-Ball Tossing and the Hanging Box Trick”

    Like everybody else, I adore this trick, along with the Dollar-bill and cupcake tricks.

    My GUESS as to how he did the “Beach Ball and Hanging Box” trick was: While everyone was focussed on the beach ball being tossed around at random, someone has quickly written “the tweet” as the game progressed, put it securely in a box identical with the one hanging, and replaced the one hanging with that new one, now containing the tweet “I’m singing in Tahiti with George Clooney” + “I luv Rachel.”

    There might be a hole/floor-level above the ceiling to be able to do the box-swap quickly and effectively.

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