Ellen: Bad Paid For Photos with Headgear & Amazing Orca Whale Video


Ellen Scares Her Producer Andy

Ellen said that Andy broke his headset today when she scared him. All she did was tickle his back and he jumped in the air and threw his iPhone.


Bad Paid For Photos: Headgear Problems & 1970s Plaid Suits

Ellen: Bad Paid For Photos with Headgear & Amazing Orca Whale Video

Ellen gave Laura sympathy for her bad paid for photo with headgear. She also looked at some other bad ’70s photos.

Someday, you’ll look back at what you are currently wearing and cringe. Style comes and goes, but the humiliation lasts as long as the photos. Charlotte was just five when she begged her parents to go take a fancy girl photo. Charlotte’s red mane was teased, she wore a pink feather boa and long white, silk gloves.

“I was told backstage that they liked it because I looked like I was 70,” Charlotte said. She promised to come back when she turns 70 for a comparison shot. We’ll have the link right here. Next up on the torture train was a couple that was literally made for each other. In the 1970s, she wore a satin flower dress to prom, which looked “quilty” to Ellen, and he wore a plaid suit. Today this would be called power clashing.


Ellen wore a plaid dress to her prom and her staff was mean enough to pull the photo. Hey, in the 1970s that was the thing! Last up was Laura. At age seven, her mother forced her to go to picture day. Laura’s photo received and huge “Whoa!” and a hug of sympathy from Ellen. Laura wore large headgear, 24 hours a day for a year and a half. He mother put her curly red hair in pigtails and she tried to smile.Let’s give her a virtual hug.

L.A. Galazy Retiring David Beckham’s Jersey

Ellen didn’t win the Powerball, but in the bigger news, David Beckham is retiring. The L.A. Galaxy is having a ceremony in the fall to retire his jersey. “I’m going to hold out for the ceremony where he retires his pants,” Ellen said, echoing the thoughts of every woman everywhere.

Ellen: Orca Whales Chase Boat Video

While whale watching, a boat of people captured incredible footage of Orca whales chasing their boat. “Jack Hanna, eat your heart out!” the camera person yells. Ellen said she would like to talk to the people who were in the boat, but she would love to talk to the whales.  


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