Ellen: Bad Paid For Easter Photos & Halo Pet Food Discount


Ellen: Audience Photos & Dance Dares

Ellen checked in with DJ Tony and they agreed that her show has great audiences, which of course made them burst into applause and cheers. She said her guests often comment on the energy of the audience, and she appreciates how engaged her fans are.

They always submit themselves performing tasks like Dance Dares, and are open to sharing their embarrassing photos on the show.


Ellen: Easter Photos

Ellen shared viewers' Bad Paid For Easter Photos on her show.

Ellen: Easter Dance Dares

Everyone is getting in on the act when it comes to Ellen’s popular Dance Dares. Even celebrities have been taking on the challenge.

Check out Emma Stone’s Dance Dares.


Ellen shared more Dance Dare highlights submitted by viewers. Have you been brave enough to send yours in yet?

Two California girls broke it down behind Mickey at Disneyland, while a New York City guy danced behind an unsuspecting woman who was on her cell phone. A girl got jiggy behind a sleeping man seated at a casino slot machine, while a patient got groovy during her doctor’s appointment.

The New York guy got busted dancing behind someone on a bench, then again when trailing women in Central Park. An Oklahoma woman got secretly served during her shopping trip, while a scuba diver got in on the action underwater.

Even the Wake Forest University Demon Deacon took Ellen’s Dance Dare, followed by staffers at a local TV station. What is your favorite Dance Dare so far? Do you have a good idea for a Dance Dare?

If you submit it on YouTube, you could end up on the show and win a JC Penney gift card.

Ellen: Bad Paid For Photos Easter Edition

Did you ever get your picture taken with the Easter Bunny? I think I did when I was really young, but apparently this is still a popular pastime.

Just in time for Easter Weekend, Ellen shared viewer submissions of holiday themed photos in her Easter Edition of Bad Paid For Photos.

  • Sarah from Pennsylvania shared a photo of her young twins wailing and flailing in agony on the Easter Bunny’s lap. The Easter Bunny remained composed and smiling.
  • Brianne in Pennsylvania sent a friend’s photo with the Easter Bunny, who in the photo looked possessed. The Devil Bunny held a baby in each arm, and a forlorn girl dressed like Laura Ingalls Wilder stood in front.
  • Mary of Wisconsin sent in an even scarier bunny, with buck teeth, narrow eyes, and misshapen ears. Shockingly, the baby in the photo remained calm and didn’t cry, which is more than I can say for myself. Is anyone else having Easter portrait flashbacks?

Ellen: Halo Pet Products Coupon Code

Ellen DeGeneres is now selling Halo Pet Products, featuring natural treats, grooming supplies, and food. You can visit ellenshop.com to find these products, and Ellen is giving everyone a discount on her products.

You can get Ellen’s discount on Halo products using this coupon code: EllenShop10.

To celebrate, Ellen decorated one of her pet food cans to look like Snooki from Jersey Shore.

Ellen: Andy’s Outburst #20 on YouTube

Remember Ellen’s segment this week about Funny Signs, which had her producer Andy laughing uncontrollably? Out of the millions of videos on YouTube, Andy’s outburst is #20 this week.

Read about Ellen’s Funny Signs & Andy’s Laughter.

Ellen explained that Andy has the sense of humor of a 3rd grade girl. She suggested sharing the YouTube video with friends to get the video up to #1 on all of YouTube.


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