Ellen: Bad Dance Recital, Yearbook & Glamour Shots Photos Live


Ellen: Bad Paid For Photos Live

With Cinco De Mayo now behind us, you may be the proud subject of some new embarrassing Facebook photos. But today Ellen DeGeneres set her sights on people who not only took embarrassing photos while sober, but paid good money for them.

She invited audience members Natalie Doan, Stephanie Spect, Kim Henderson, and Johnny Pasteur onstage to explain their dated, ill advised glamour shots from bygone years.


Ellen: Bad Yearbook Photo

What's your most embarrassing school photo? Would you ever try to explain it on Ellen?

Ellen: Bad Sisters Dance Recital Photo

Natalie and Stephanie are sisters, and they shared a dance recital photo, circa 1992. This was one of many embarrassing recital photos the girls admitted to appearing in. There was a hot pink motif at work in the photograph, which featured one sister in a tutu and tights.

The other sister, however, wore a warped checkerboard pattern top that exposed the midriff and had matching pants. This marvel of fashion was accented by gigantic magenta loofahs on both arms, both legs, and her head.


“This went in Christmas cards,” one of the sisters noted, before suggesting that Andy Zenor take some fashion tips from this astoundingly ‘90s look.

Ellen: Bad Yearbook Photo

Kim Henderson was looking back at her 6th grade yearbook photo, which she recalled feeling great about at the time. She felt well dressed on picture day and when she saw how it turned out.

“So for awhile there, you were delusional,” Ellen said before unveiling the masterpiece. Kim said it was at least high school before she looked back in horror on her mullet, wide rimmed glasses, braces, and striped sweatshirt.

“My mom did the bangs. That was her specialty,” Kim said of the photo, which Ellen said was full of awkwardness.

Ellen: Johnny’s Glamour Shot

Among the wreckage of trendy ‘80s and ‘90s businesses, alongside the remains of Jazzercise, you will find the Glamour Shots photo franchise, which gave ordinary women the chance to feel like stars of their very own photo shoots.

But Glamour Shots was not just for men, according to Johnny Pasteur, whose own session was done in conjunction with his performance in the musical A Chorus Line. He said that he knew exactly what he wanted his photos to look like.

The photo was from 1988, which Ellen recalled as “a bad time for all of us. Don’t anyone judge the ‘90s if you didn’t have to live through that.”

Johnny’s photo featured a shimmering canary top and matching too-small bowtie. A substantial portion of his chest was inexplicably exposed, and Johnny said he was shooting for a sultry photo.

“It looks literally like you’re just waking up,” Ellen said of his dazed expression and what could be mistaken for pajamas. Johnny said he was pleased with the results at the time, and showed it off to many people at the time. Eventually he got some shame and stashed it away until now.

Ellen gave the brave photo subjects each a $500 Visa gift card.

Ellen Dance Song: “Give It 2 Me”

Ellen helped her audience get these photos out of their heads by dancing along with them to Madonna’s “Give It 2 Me.”


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