Ellen: B-Girls Terra & Eddie Hip Hop Dance & Embarrassing 70’s Photos


Ellen Embarrasses Larry With 70’s Facebook Photo

Ellen pulled Facebook photos from her audience members’ pages for her opening segment. First up, Larry. His photo from 1974 was highly embarrassing. He was with his college track team in their short shorts. His hair resembled Inigo Montoya from The Princess Bride. Ellen got Larry the shorts, a mustache and a wig so that he can recreate the photo.

Larry looked pretty excellent in his shorty shorts. He opted to stay in them for the remainder of the show. Ellen brought out a cardboard cut out of Larry and his friends from the photo so he could recreate the moment. Randall was the next victim. He was caught in drag, lying in a murder chalk outline.


“Were the heels too tall for you or did you just fall down?” Ellen asked.

Randall thought the moment was perfect. He was at a Halloween party having some spirits and he got a little too spirited and had to lie down. The final photo was not of an audience member, but an audience member captured the moment. It was a elderly couple walking the beach in San Tropez. They walked hand in hand every day down then beach. She was topless and he wore a banana hammock-thong. Awkward love is the most touching kind of love.

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Ellen Supports California Powerball

Ellen really, really wants someone to win the Powerball. She’s spent $1,600 on Powerball tickets and refuses to stop until someone in her audience wins millions. 

Ellen: B-Girls Terra & Eddie Hip Hop Dance & Embarrassing 70's Photos

Ellen presented B-Girls Terra and Eddie, hip hop dancing sisters from England with mad skills. Also, Ellen embarrassed Larry with his 70’s Facebook photo.

This + That: Audience Dancing and Comedy Sound Effects

Ellen didn’t think that her “This + That” segment would be as funny as it really is. Once again, she combined comedy sound effects and her audience’s dancing. The person that takes home the award in my book was the old woman that slept through the dancing. How?  

B-Girls: Terra & Eddie Dance Hip Hop

Headstands, spins and jumps, oh, my! Terra, 6, and Eddie, 9, were fantastic British hip hop dancers. I’m tired just watching them. Eddie started at age three and Terra started at two. 

Eddie said she likes it in the U.S. better than England. They like how big it is in the states and how much there is to do. 

The girls said they like to dance battle boys, girls, adults and kids. Eddie said that the girls will go against people and beat them multiple times. Terra said that when she grows up she wants to teach dance and art. Eddie has the best life plan of anyone I’ve ever met. 

“I want to be a mermaid,” she said. Eddie said she will still dance as a sea creature. 

Ellen gave the girls personalized iPads so that they can watch and record videos of their dancing. 

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