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Ellen: Busola Ayeni Viewer Letter

The Ellen DeGeneres Show gets hundreds of letters each day, and it’s somebody’s job to sift through all of them and find the ones Ellen will read on the air, and the sad stories that show sponsors will come together to correct.

Today’s letter was from a woman who happened to be in the audience today. Busola is from Beaverton, Oregon, where she lives with her husband Emmanuel, an IT professional. Though their first child is on the way, there is bad news with the good.


Ellen: 2013 Ford Taurus

Ellen surprised a deserving viewer with a 2013 Ford Taurus Sho. (Image Credit: Kevin Tietz / Shutterstock.com)

Emmanuel’s contract was not renewed, and he is unemployed as of May 1 2012. Busola is hopeful that he can find another job before the baby arrives. Though they are uncertain about the future, they are hopeful about their lives.

Busola’s letter went on to say that before she moved to the United States, she watched Ellen’s show on satellite TV and it brought her family together. Busola was tearful as pictures of her family flashed behind Ellen.


Ellen: Expecting First Time Mom Busola Ayeni

Finally, Ellen invited Busola to join her onstage. Before moving to the United States to join her husband, she studied law. Her husband has been living in America for 11 years, and was doing well until recently losing his job.

She said her family’s love story has been amazing, despite the recent bumps in the road. To help the family stay on their feet through their upcoming life changes, Ellen presented them with a $1,000 JC Penney gift card.

Plus, Busola Ayeni will be invited back for Ellen’s gift-packed Mother’s Day show.

Ellen: 2013 Ford Taurus Sho

Ellen had one more surprise up her sleeve for this mom to be. Ellen said she’s always wanted to visit Busola’s home country of Nigeria, where Busola said Ellen has many fans.

She said that she and her mother stay close by talking about Ellen’s show. Ellen gave a shout out to Busola’s mother, Victoria, who is going to be very excited when she sees this episode.

Ellen surprised Busola with a 2013 Ford Taurus Sho, which I have to say is very sleek. It syncs between your phone and navigation system using only your voice. Ellen also said it features an ecoboost engine, boasting “the power of a V8 with the fuel efficiency of a V6.”

Things are looking up for Busola Ayeni, but couldn’t Ellen have thrown in a few of Jessica Alba’s The Honest Company baby products?

Ellen: Pauly D Project & Single

Ellen thanked Pauly D for serving as her guest DJ. His series The Pauly D Project airs Thursdays on MTV, and his new single is “Night Of My Life.”


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