Ellen: $1 Billion Wheel of Beauty Game | Danielle from Iowa


Ellen: Wheel of Beauty

When the prize is women’s beauty products, who among the audience wouldn’t want to spin Ellen’s Billion Dollar Wheel of Beauty. This is the game that Ellen DeGeneres’s producers whipped up, and which Ellen constantly mentions is totally not at all rigged in any way, even a little bit.

Today’s version was a little different, because the wheel was mostly covered in what Ellen explained were award-winning Proctor & Gamble cosmetics. Landing on one of these spaces would present the audience contestant with a surely messy challenge.


Ellen: Wheel of Beauty

One woman from the audience spun Ellen's Wheel of Beauty and ended up looking like a clown.

The only good prizes on the wheel were a $5,000 Target gift card and of course the elusive $1 billion prize.

Ellen: Wheel of Beauty Danielle

The first contestant was Danielle from Iowa. She lives in a small town with just one stoplight, and she sells restaurant furniture.


Danielle said she thought she had a good shot at the billion dollars, so she took a spin of the wheel, which stopped one space short. Instead, it landed on Cover Girl, and Ellen said that Danielle had to apply as much Cover Girl makeup to her face as possible in 30 seconds.

Andy Zenor brought out some makeup for her, and she dove right in, even though there was no mirror available. At first she seemed to be trying to do a good job, but eventually she realized this challenge was about quantity, not quality. She looked like a clown after 30 seconds, and as a reward, Ellen granted her a second spin of the Wheel of Beauty.

Ellen: Pantene Pro V Hair Treatment

In her second spin, Danielle landed on the billion dollars, and the audience became very excited. But the wheel mysteriously kept going and finally rested on Pantene Pro V, which Ellen said meant Danielle would get a free avocado hair treatment.

To apply it, Andy Zenor came out with his hands full of guacamole, which he and Danielle rubbed in her hair.

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Ellen: Wheel of Beauty Venus Enhance

In her third spin, Danielle landed on Venus shaving products, and so Andy Zenor came out and made her a crown of shaving cream, in honor of Venus, whom Ellen explained was “the Greek goddess of shaving products.”

Danielle was a great sport, so Ellen gave her one last spin, and this time the wheel landed on the $5,000 Target gift card, where I’m guessing Danielle could buy all the products that were inexpertly applied to her body during this segment.

Ellen also threw in a $100 Target gift card for every person in her studio audience. I’d rather be covered in makeup and shaving cream and get the big prize instead.



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