Detroit Achievement Academy & Ellen Gets A Library Named After Her


Ellen: Detroit Achievement Academy

Last October, Ellen heard about an amazing charter schools in one of the poorest neighborhoods of Detroit called the Detroit Academy of Arts and Sciences. She met with two of the women responsible for creating the school and gave them two checks for $25,000.

Ellen: Gifts To Help Detroit School

Now, Ellen sent Jeannie to talk to one of the teachers at the school, Kyle Smitley. Kyle said she was grateful to Ellen and her viewers and Shutterfly, which gave the checks. She also said that her students face challenges in their neighborhood other kids will never have to deal with, but Ellen really helped to give them the tools they needed to succeed.


Detroit Achievement Academy & Ellen Gets A Library Named After Her

Ellen surprised the Detroit Achievement Academy with a gift and they in turn surprised her by naming their new library after her. (Gerald Bernard /

Kyle said that Ellen’s audience has sent a lot of donations to the school. She said that they have enough glue sticks to last them four years. She said they also got a letter from a seven-year-old girl named Addy who sent in $11 from her piggy bank saying that the school needed it more than she did.

“It doesn’t get any better than that,” Kyle said.


Ellen: Testing Kids

Kyle also said that right now in the city of Detroit, only 4 out of every 100 kids are at the grade level they should be at. A recent round of testing at the Detroit Academy of Arts and Sciences, however, showed that at their school, 100 percent of their kids are at grade level.

Kyle also said that before they went on Ellen, they had only 50 books total. Now they have over 2,000 books thanks to Ellen and Ellen’s viewers.

Detroit Acheivement Academy’s¬†Surprise For Ellen

The Detroit Academy of Arts and Sciences actually had a surprise for Ellen. Because they wouldn’t have a library without Ellen, they decided to name their new library after her. Ellen looked absolutely touched as Jeannie and Kyle, who were in Detroit and talking over satellite, showed her the plaque and went into the library to show her what it looked like. Check it out below:

Ellen: Gift For Detroit Achievement Academy

Ellen said she was going to send some of her books and find out what other kinds of books she could send. She also urged her viewers to send what they could to help out the academy.

But Ellen’s biggest gift to the academy today was another check from Shutterfly for $2,000. Everyone in the library at the academy couldn’t believe it and they all jumped up and down with joy.


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