Dr. Phil: Woman’s Mother Allowed Her To Be Subjected To Father’s Abuse


Dr. Phil: Woman Was Abused By Her Stepfather For 10 Years

Tonya was four-years-old when her mother married Bruce. At the beginning, it was incredible. Tonya had been without a father for quite some time, and what little girl wouldn’t be excited about finally having a father? Around her fifth birthday, though, the abuse started. Bruce would touch her in ways no man should ever touch a little girl and subjected her to all sorts of perverted acts until she was 15.

Bruce kept this quiet for so long by telling Tonya that if she ever told anyone, no one would want her and that she would be taken away from her family to a special jail. Bruce also told her that this was something normal that went on in every family.


Dr. Phil: Woman's Mother Allowed Her To Be Subjected To Father's Abuse

Tonya’s father subjected her to abuse, and her mother knew.

Bruce Was Tonya’s First Kiss

Bruce was Tonya’s first everything – from the kiss to the momemt where a girl becomes a woman. The touching happened in the car, under a tree in the local park and even at church and social events. Somehow, during all of this, no one ever seemed to notice.

Bruce had three biological children with Tonya’s mom, and this was the reason that Bruce chose her for the abuse. He said that it has her job as his daughter to do these repugnant things with him.


Tonya’s Mother Knew Of the Abuse

It may be hard to believe, but Tonya’s mom has actually incurred more wrath from her than Bruce has. Why? Tonya’s mom knew about the abuse the entire time it was happening. For whatever reason, she never put a stop to it. How would you not know something is up when your daughter is on top of your husband while they are lying right next to you?

Tonya’s mother asked her hundreds of times if Bruce was abusing her, and hundreds of times, Tonya answered yes. Sometimes Tonya’s mother would cry, and others, she would simply tell her to stop dressing so promiscuously. Because that makes sense.

In fact, both Tonya’s mom and Bruce would actually tell her that she could never tell anyone this secret. They would even make her come into their bedroom, get undressed down to her undergarments and show them what Bruce made her do.

Tonya was also taught to be emotionless. If she was crying before they went to a social event, Toyna’s mother and Bruce would count to three. On three, she was told to be happy. Over the years, this was ingrained in Toyna’s head, and she has a lot of trouble expressing emotion about the abuse.

These are heavy accusations. Could they possibly be true?

No One Believed Tonya

Even though Tonya told multitudes of people about what was going on, no one ever helped her until she was 15. Within a week of getting the help, Bruce was arrested. Tonya’s mom actually told her to tell the police that she made it up so that the family could stay together, an especially ironic thing to ask of Tonya considering how she told her all the time about the abuse she underwent as a child and how badly it affected her.

At this point, all Tonya wants is an apology.

Tonya Hates Her Sister As Much As Her Mom

While all of this abuse was going on, Tonya’s half-sister, Sarah, was always telling her that what Bruce was doing was not a big deal and that she needed to get over it. Sarah blamed Tonya for breaking up the family after Bruce was arrested.

In an ideal world, Sarah and her mother would not exist at all.


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