Dr. Phil: Woman Whose Husband Spanked Her With Wooden Spoon Speaks Out


Dr. Phil: Woman Whose Husband Spanked Her With A Wooden Spoon Speaks Out

Yesterday, Dr. Phil talked to Kirby, who made headlines after his wife videotaped him spanking her with a wooden spoon. After hearing a lot of Kirby’s craziness regarding Proverbs 31 Women and wanting to spank the demons out of her, Dr. Phil now sits down with his wife of 26 years, Renee. Because Renee has a protection order against Kirby, Kirby was not present in Dr. Phil’s studio and wasn’t a part of Dr. Phil’s interview with Renee.

Dr. Phil: Domestic Discipline Vs. Domestic Abuse

Dr. Phil: Woman Whose Husband Spanked Her With Wooden Spoon Speaks Out

Dr. Phil continued his two parter by sitting down with Renee, the woman who videotaped her husband spanking her with a wooden spoon after enduring years of abuse. (librakv / Shutterstock.com)


Renee said for years, she thought what her husband was doing was really “domestic discipline.” She said she was embarrassed to tell people that her husband used spanking as a form of punishment.

Kirby would keep the paddle on top of the bookshelf in the bedroom. Renee began recording her husband’s behavior months before the spanking incident. Kirby didn’t have any fear at all that she had videos of his abuse.

It wasn’t until about four weeks after the spanking incident that she decided to take that particular video to police, after she gave up hope in her husband.


Dr. Phil: What Would Happen If They Saw Each Other Again?

Renee has a restraining order on Kirby for another two years and then she’s officially unprotected from him showing up at the door. Renee said she didn’t know what would happen if he showed up at the door.

Dr. Phil: Did He Leave A Dead Dog In The House For Days?

She said they had a dog and Kirby ended up killing the dog due to over-disciplining the dog. He kept the dog inside the house after it died, praying for it to come back to life.

Kirby was a dog trainer. He killed the dog during a maneuver where he short-tied the dog with a choking collar in a stationary tub. The dog jumped out when the doorbell rang and was hanged.

Kirby would lean over the dog and pray over it. He truly believed he could bring the dog back to life like Jesus did with Lazarus.

Dr. Phil: What Did His Parents Think of Him Abusing His Wife?

Renee said that she told Kirby’s mother about the abuse and she asked her whether she had any marks on her. Renee said she did and she took pictures and the police have the pictures. Renee said Kirby’s mom then mocked her with a little baby voice, saying, “Oh, you have little marks on your little heiney.”

“I cannot imagine why any woman would think it’s okay for another woman to get hit. I don’t care if it’s your son or not,” Renee said.

Dr. Phil: When Did The Abuse Start?

Renee said that the abuse started shortly after she and Kirby first married. Renee said she wanted women at home to know that she threw the first punch. After punching him, he threw her on the bed and spanked her. Renee said in her mind, she thought they were both being irrational, so she forgot that one. The second time happened in the car, shortly after leaving her job.

She said it was her pride that made her stay, because she didn’t want to go back to her job and have to explain to her friends and family what happened. So she stayed.

Dr. Phil: Did He Leave A Dead Dog In The House For Days?

Dr. Phil then introduced Trina, who was friends with both Renee and Kirby and was even a bridesmaid in their wedding. Trina said that Kirby had changed a lot over the years and wasn’t the same man that she first met.

Trina said the first time she remembered a red flag was before the wedding, when she and all the bridesmaids learned that Kirby had killed his dog, kept it inside for five days, and tried to resurrect it.

I would say that’s definitely a pretty big red flag.


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