Dr. Phil Woman Wants To Reconcile With Ex-Husband Despite Shooting Him


Dr. Phil: Leah Considers Reconciliation With Ed

In what would be the most awkward apology of the century (“Sorry for shooting you in the face!”), Leah said that she is seriously considering reconciling with Ed.

“He really wants to be with me,” said Leah of her clearly insane husband.


Leah had been with Ed for 20 years, so of course there are still lingering feelings for the man. You could probably spend 20 years with a porcupine and develop feelings for that, too.

Dr. Phil – “Has He Forgiven You For Shooting Him?”

Dr. Phil Woman Wants To Reconcile With Ex-Husband Despite Shooting Him

“I think reconciling is a good idea, honey, especially after you shot me and all.”


Naturally, one of the larger obstacles to Leah reconciling with Ed would be the whole shooting that happened. Dr. Phil wondered if Ed has even forgiven Leah for shooting him yet. Considering that the two talk on a pretty regular basis, Leah thinks that he has. I’m sure if I ever got shot by a former spouse with whom I shared children, the first thing I would want to do is call her up in prison and let her talk to our daughter. This guy must give forgiveness away pretty easily.

Why Leah Thinks Reconciling Is Possible

Leah had something of a puppy love for Ed. Despite all of the bad things that he did to the relationship over the course of their ill-conceived marriage, Leah always told Ed that she loved him. Leah thinks that it is this unconditional love that makes Ed willing to reconcile, even after the shooting.

“Even though I shot him, he knows that was something that will never happen again,” Leah said, “He knows that I am made of pure love,” she said, getting choked up.

Maybe Dr. Phil should switch gears and instead of focusing on Leah, should focus on getting that child away from these two crazy parents altogether.


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