Dr Phil: Woman Shoots Her Husband So She Can Be With Her Ex-Cop Lover


Dr Phil: Husband Shot Twice By Wife

Leah says her husband Ed pushed her to the edge before snapping and shooting at him five time point blank, hitting him in the arm and face. Leah told her side of the story, now Ed was on Dr. Phil May 10 2013 to tell his side of the story, and his side differs quite a bit from hers.

Dr Phil: Woman Shoots Her Husband So She Can Be With Her Ex-Cop Lover

Leah’s love triangle ended in a shooting when she shot Ed twice.


How the Shooting Occurred

Leah called Ed one morning and asked him to cover over to her new apartment to talk about their divorce. Upon agreeing, Ed was also asked to pick up some beer on the way over. After talking for about an hour at the apartment, Leah tossed Ed nine $1 bills to pay him for the beer. Ed reached down to pick them up, and when he stood back up, she had a gun pointed in his face. She held him there for 30 excruciating minutes.

Leah’s Lover Mark Tells Her To Shoot Ed

In the midst of the stick up, Leah’s phone rang. It was Mark, the new boyfriend she picked up after leaving Ed.

“You haven’t done it yet?” Mark asked, suggesting that he knew the shooting was to take place.


He hung up and called back two more times. Right before Leah hung up with Mark the last time, Ed distinctly heard Mark say the words “I win” through the phone. Leah slowly began to raise the gun.

Leah Pulls the Trigger

With the gun pointed at Ed’s face, Leah let loose with the .357 magnum she was wielding. The first shot went through Ed’s ear. After missing the second shot, the next .357 bullet found a home in Ed’s esophagus – but not before it hit his shoulder, shattering his shoulder ball. Ed dove into the bathroom and next thing he knew, the paramedics were carrying him out on a gurney.

Ed Didn’t See the Shooting Coming

According to Ed, Leah carried out the shooting because she believed that he was preventing her and her new boyfriend, ex-cop Mark, who had given Leah the gun, from being together. Ed was shocked to see the .357 pointed in her face that day, as Leah had always loathed guns.

Ed says that he went to Leah’s that day only because he thought there might be hope that something positive could come from the visit. Ed had told his friend to call the police if he didn’t check in by 11 a.m., but he texted him back just prior to that saying everything was okay.

Ed never saw the shooting coming during the hour-long conversation with Leah. It covered a wide range emotions and events that ran the length of their relationship, but never really dipped into a lot of anger.


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