Dr. Phil: Woman Shoots Her Estranged Husband and Claims Self-Defense


Dr. Phil: Leah Goes From Mother To Criminal

Leah is smart and educated with three children. Sounds like an accomplished woman, right? Well, it might surprise you to hear this, but Leah is currently serving a four-year prison sentence for shooting her estranged husband, Ed, several times. Despite the gunshot wounds to his throat and shoulder, Ed survived, and Leah plead guilty to two counts of second-degree felonious assault and one count of third-degree felony abduction.

In an interview, Ed said the attack was planned between Leah and her then boyfriend, Mark, but Leah insists that she was defending herself.


Who is telling the truth and how did they get to this point?

Leah & Ed’s Marriage Was Bad From the Start

Leah married Ed when she was in high school, but the honeymoon did not last long. Two weeks into the marriage, Ed lied to her. Within two years, the marriage had become worse. Ed eventually developed a gambling problem. With all of these problems arising, the two sought marriage counseling.

Unfortunately, the marriage counseling did not work. Five years into it, the counselor informed the couple that nothing was going to get better, and they filed for divorce.


Leah & Ed’s Divorce

After being told their marriage was a failure by a marriage counselor, the couple understandably went and starting filling out the paperwork to file for divorce. Within a week of filing, Leah had moved out and taken her children with her. However, she didn’t get out of the marriage totally unscathed.

Dr. Phil: Woman Shoots Her Estranged Husband and Claims Self-Defense

Leah divorced Ed and and later shot him, but what led up to that?

Leah Encounters Problems After Divorce

Leah used to be the Sunday school teacher and the good mother, but became something else entirely after the divorce. She started getting considerably less selective with her men and dating anyone and drinking regularly. That wasn’t all that happened, though.

Ed started to stalk Leah, broke into her apartment, and Leah says he slashed her tires, though it was never proven. Worst of all, Ed started to threaten Leah by saying she would never see her youngest daughter again.

Leah Gets Restraining Order On Ed

After it became too much, Leah got a restraining order on Ed and started dating an ex-cop, Mark. In case Ed came for Leah, Mark gave her a loaded gun to keep with her. Leah originally kept the gun in her bedroom, but moved it to the living room after Ed, while driving around with a gun while drunk, threatened to kill Mark and disappear with her child.

Since Mark was a former police officer, she asked him what the proper circumstances to use the gun would be, and what exactly self defense was.


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