Dr. Phil: Woman Explains Shooting But Dr. Phil Doesn’t Believe Her


Dr. Phil: The Moment Leah Picked Up the Gun

What led to the shooting that landed Leah in prison? Well, after the divorce, the two were having a heated discussion that began to escalate to the point where Leah was getting more frustrated, and Ed’s threats were becoming worse. Leah eventually moved to the end table, where she grabbed an antique insulator and threw it at Ed, soon after picking up the gun and holding Ed at gunpoint.

Leah, while still holding Ed at gunpoint, called Mark. Meanwhile, Ed was telling Leah how he would take their daughter and leave her alone. Once Mark was on the phone, Leah told him the situation, and Leah claims that Mark told her to shoot Ed.


What Caused the Shooting

Dr. Phil: Woman Explains Shooting But Dr. Phil Doesn't Believe Her

Leah explained the shooting as a heat-of-the-moment decision, but Dr. Phil doesn’t buy it.

It initially looked like Leah might let Ed go, but two texts messages she had read earlier disproved Ed’s claims that he would be leaving her alone for good. Leah felt that if she let Ed take her child, nothing would change. Not only would Leah be subject to Ed’s harassment, then, Ed would also have their child.


It was at that moment she pulled the trigger, and before she knew it, she was calling 911. Leah claims that she didn’t plan the shooting, that she felt backed into a corner.

Dr. Phil Doesn’t Think Leah Snapped

Leah’s defense for the shooting was that she snapped, but Dr. Phil does not believe her. He went through the court documents, Leah’s testimony and the call logs, and saw nothing in there to indicate that she snapped. If Dr. Phil were determining who would get custody of Leah and Ed’s children after she got out of prison, that there is no way he would give them to her. He would think she’s delusional and unfit as a mother. Leah sees a snap, Dr. Phil sees someone making excuses.

Leah Doesn’t Defend Shooting

Leah is the first to acknowledge that she didn’t think before she shot. She chalks the shooting up to a spur of the moment burst of emotions. Dr. Phil, despite her acknowledgement, thought Leah knew exactly what was going to happen and that she was cognizant to what was happening.


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