Dr. Phil: Wife Cheated On Husband Four Times & Needs Accountability

Dr. Phil: Leah Was Cheating On Ed

Dr. Phil: Wife Cheated On Husband Four Times & Needs Accountability

Leah needs to take accountability for the things she’s done and start asking forgiveness.

Ed said that Leah cheated on him four times, and Leah doesn’t see it that way. Though the two were still married when Leah was living the promiscuous lifestyle, Leah said that it all took place after she had filed for divorce.


Ed talked about a 14-month affair that she had with a coworker, some texts that he thought had a little too much innuendo in them (“That’s his interpretation,” said Leah, with a small grin), claims that she hooked up with one of her daughter’s friends (what?) and that she moved in with an ex boyfriend after the split. Okay, so maybe Leah wasn’t exactly the perfect wife besides the whole shooting thing, like she claims she was. 

The Timeline Of Leah

So in what amount of time did Leah manage to divorce Ed, hook up with four other men and shoot him in? Well, Leah says that they filed for divorce in September 2009, and the shooting happened in October 2010. With those kinds of numbers, Leah managed to get with a new man (counting the ex-boyfriend) roughly every three months. It would seem that after being the “perfect little wife” for 20 years, Leah was ready to give her wild side a test drive.


Dr. Phil: Leah Needs Accountability

Since Leah’s resume paints her to be an utter nutcase, she, once again, fell back on the age-old “I went crazy” excuse, and Dr. Phil is still not buying it. Like many of the other people he sits down with, he thinks that it’s high time Leah take accountability for what she’s done. She needs to not only look at her prison sentence as “I went to jail for four years,” but also, “I spent four years away from my children,” and the four years she wasn’t there for her kids at bedtime or to answer the questions they had that only a mother could answer.

Leah Needs To Stop Making Excuses & Start Asking Forgiveness

If Leah sees her children after being released from prison and immediately starts listing off excuses and justifications for what she’s done, Dr. Phil doesn’t think that they will get all of their mother like they should. If Leah doesn’t truly understand why she did what she did, she will set herself to take part in more self-destructive behavior in the future. Leah needs to stop making excuses, own this, and both forgive herself and ask for forgiveness if she is ever going to move past this.


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