Dr Phil: Why You Need Premarital Counseling & Conflicts With In-Laws


Dr Phil: No One Wants Beth Marrying Christian

Carol said that she isn’t the only that doesn’t want Beth marrying Christian. She didn’t say who these other people are, but it’s very clear. She hates Beth with all of her being.

Christian and Beth had Carol over for dinner once. They wanted to foster a good relationship with Carol. During the meal, Carol told Beth that she was a horrible person and that her food was disgusting. At the end of it, Beth was so angry that she told Carol, “You’ll be happy about this. I have cancer.”


Dr Phil: Why You Need Premarital Counseling & Conflicts With In-Laws

Dr Phil said that Beth and Christian are no where near getting married. They need serious premarital counseling before they are close to getting hitched.

Dr Phil: Why You Need Premarital Counseling

Christian and Beth have looked into premarital counseling because they want their marriage to stand strong. They don’t believe they have much to sort out, other than Carol’s constant hovering and nagging. These women can’t stand each other. Beth told tales of Carol berating Christian nightly on the phone. Carol said she can’t even talk to him on the phone because Beth is yelling in the background.

Christian stood up for his woman more than any other boyfriend has on Dr Phil. While it was clear that he respects his mother and wants a good relationship with her, his priorities are in the right place, protecting his wife.


Are Beth & Christian Already Married?

Beth and Christian want to get the drama with Carol resolved so they can live peacefully. They plan to wed as soon as they get home and get closure. The weird thing is that Beth and Christian are wearing wedding bands. Dr Phil gave them the suspicious eye. Beth swear they are just engaged and will get married soon.

Well, Corey Matthews had an engagement ring on Boy Meets World because he though his fiance’s ring was pretty. Christian looks like the kind of guy that appreciates style.

Dr Phil: Premarital Counseling

Carol’s meddling has led Christian to consider premarital counseling. Dr Phil said that the more marriages you have, the higher your chances for divorce.

“You aren’t even ready to get married,” Dr Phil told them. He believes that Carol is raising her concerns in a horrible way, but they are legitimate concerns. Dr Phil suggested extreme premarital counseling before these two walk down the aisle. He gave them the gift of access to premarital counseling.


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