Dr Phil: What To Do When Friendships Go Too Far & Stalker Friends


Dr Phil: Stalker Friends

“Every day, no matter what I think of you.” “I will love you like no other.” “I don’t want this life without you. “I can’t get you out of my mind.” “I need you, I deserve you. “I miss your face.”

When you read these messages you may think they were sent by a jilted ex-lover. However, these were sent by a woman named Jinda to her former female friend Tracy. Tracy said that Jinda is stalking her, send her 50+ text messages like this a day, and trying vehemently to insert herself back into Tracy’s life. Tracy said that she has had enough of this and it’s gotten too scary. She just wants Jinda to go away, but Jinda said she can’t lose the connection she had with Tracy. What is Dr Phil’s advice regarding stalker friends?


Dr Phil: How Jinda & Tracy Met

Dr Phil: What To Do When Friendships Go Too Far & Stalker Friends

Tracy said that her former friend Jinda is stalking her and trying to ruin her marriage. Dr Phil hopes to end this toxic stalker friends relationship.

Tracy met Jinda when she was buying a cake for her daughter’s fourth birthday. After the cake was delivered, Jinda emailed Tracy to thank her for her business and make sure everything was up to her liking. Tracy thanked her and said that she would gladly use Jinda again. That’s when the first red flag went off. Jinda asked Tracy to invest $20,000 in her business.

A while later, Tracy ran into Jinda again. The text messages started and Tracy felt she was being stalked. Jinda called Tracy’s children her “babies,” started hanging out with Tracy’s friends and began inserting herself into Tracy’s life. Tracy’s friends said the situation was very “single white female” and Tracy tried to end it.


Dr Phil: Tracy’s Marriage Is Attacked

The worst of this happened when Tracy tried to cut off their friendship. Jinda told her husband, who told Tracy’s husband, that Tracy was starting to have an affair with a close friend. Tracy said that Jinda tried to destroy her marriage and hurt her family to get Tracy back. Tracy said she is now scared to talk about Jinda.

Dr Phil: BAITERS & Life Code

Dr Phil called people like Jinda BAITERS. These people are backstabers, abusers, impostors, takers, exploiters and reckless. In his book Life Code, Dr Phil outlines ways to have healthy relationships and why you need to go with your gut instinct in these situations.

Dr Phil: Jinda Loves Tracy

Jinda said that she just misses her friend. She said that she has never had a connection like she has with Tracy. She said Tracy has a “killer smile” that makes all her bad days go away. She even asked her to go to couples therapy to fix the relationship.

Dr Phil Goes Off Script

At this point, Jinda was supposed to come out and the women were going to face each other for the first time in many months. Dr Phil pulled out the flow chart for this episode and explained that while this would make excellent television, he did not want to upset Tracy or make this stalker situation any worse.


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